Shin-Seto Station

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Shin-Seto Station
Shin-Seto Station
Location 64 Yokoyama-cho, Seto, Aichi
Operated by Meitetsu
Line(s) Meitetsu Seto Line
Opened 1905
Previous names Owari-Yokoyama (until 1971)
Passengers (2009) 5,018 daily

Shin-Seto Station (新瀬戸駅 Shin-Seto-eki?) is a railway station operated by Meitetsu's Seto Line located in Seto, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is located 18.7 rail kilometers from terminus of the line at Sakaemachi Station.[1] Passengers can transfer to Setoshi Station on the Aichi Loop Line.


Shin-Seto Station was opened on April 2, 1905, as Yokoyama Station (横山駅 Yokoyama-eki?) on the privately operated Seto Electric Railway. It was renamed Owari-Yokoyama Station (尾張横山駅 Owari-Yokoyama-eki?) on June 1, 1935. The Seto Electric Railway was absorbed into the Meitetsu group on September 1, 1939. The station was renamed to its present name on October 1, 1971.



Shin-Seto Station has two opposed side platforms connected by an overpass. The station is normally unattended.


1  Meitetsu Seto Line For Owari Seto
2  Meitetsu Seto Line For Ōzone and Sakaemachi

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Coordinates: 35°13′31″N 137°04′38″E / 35.2252°N 137.0771°E / 35.2252; 137.0771