Shin Heike Monogatari (film)

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Shin Heike Monogatari
Shin heike monogatari poster.jpg
Original Japanese movie poster
Directed byKenji Mizoguchi
Produced byMasaichi Nagata
StarringIchikawa Raizō VIII
Yoshiko Kuga
Michiyo Kogure
Music byFumio Hayasaka
Masaru Satô
CinematographyKazuo Miyagawa
Kôhei Sugiyama
Edited byKanji Suganuma
Distributed byDaiei Film
Release date
September 21, 1955 (Japan)
Running time
108 minutes

Shin Heike Monogatari (新・平家物語, lit. "New Tale of the Heike") is a 1955 Japanese film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. It is based on the Eiji Yoshikawa historical novel Shin Heike Monogatari. It is one of his two films in color, the other being Princess Yang Kwei-Fei (Yōkihi) of the same year.

Critical reaction[edit]

Kevin B Lee found it a rather tentative attempt at color filmmaking and a self-conscious "prestige" picture, with Mizoguchi's usual themes present but at odds with the desire for spectacle and action of a samurai movie.[1] Eugene Archer considered the plot was "subordinate to the decor".[2]

Various critics have suggested that the film's setting in a politically unstable time and its concern with the transition of power reflect the situation of Japan in the 1950s, when the film was made.[3]



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