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Shin Hyun-joon (Korean: 신현준; Hanja: 申鉉俊; October 23, 1915 – October 14, 2007) was a lieutenant general and the first Commandant of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps.[1] He served from April 15, 1949 until October 15, 1953 with a US 1950 Silver Star medal[2] including 5 more prizes and decorations that were awarded to him by the Korean government. After he joined the Republic of Korea Navy as lieutenant in 1946, he was assigned as one of the core members of ROK Marine and founded ROK Marine Corps on April 15, 1949.[3][4] Throughout the Korean War, he led ROK Marine Corps as commandant.

Following his military service he entered the Korean Foreign Service, and served as the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Holy See.[5]

In his later years, he lived in Niceville, Florida. He died on October 14, 2007,[5] in Okaloosa, Florida[6] and was buried at the Daejeon National Cemetery in South Korea.[6] He was survived by his two sons Ong-In Shin and Ong-Mok; he was also survived by his 4 daughters Cecila LaForet, Soon Mi Shin, Soon Wa Shin, and Maria Abbot[6] Shin Hyin-joon's wife had passed six years before in 2001. [5]


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