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Shin Jung-hwan
Born (1975-05-10) 10 May 1975 (age 42)
Seoul, South Korea
Occupation comedian, singer, entertainer
Korean name
Hangul 신정환
Revised Romanization Sin Jeong-hwan
McCune–Reischauer Sin Chŏnghwan

Shin Jung-hwan (born 10 May 1975, Seoul) is a South Korean singer and entertainer. Known first for being part of K-pop groups Roo'ra and Country Kko Kko, he has since become a "comedian", or an entertainer, on various variety shows. In November 2005, he encountered some controversy after he was caught gambling and he subsequently resigned from all his shows, including SBS's Love Letter. Five months later, however, he re-emerged on his previous shows and regained his popularity. He became a regular on the show Heroine 6, being part of the "Gag Team 3" with Kim Jong Min and singer Lee Jung, until it ended in 2007. He was also a permanent member on KBS's Sang Sang Plus, Unforgettable Songs, part of KBS's Happy Sunday line-up, and Radio Star, part of MBC's Golden Fishery line-up.


Shin Jung-hwan is former member of groups Roo'ra, Shinnago, Roo'ra Man, and Country Kko Kko (컨츄리 꼬꼬).

Performance work (broadcasting)[edit]

  • Free declaration today the blood line day (2000)
  • Superexpress Sunday eternity (2001)
  • Super T.V Sunday is joyful (2003)
  • Exclamation mark! (2003)
  • The SBS actual circumstance Saturday love letter (2005)
  • KBS imagining positive (2005), the MBC one bedspread star we cu (2006)
  • KBS to do Saturday (2007), the old days T.V when SBS Sunday is good (2007)
  • The SBS quiz! Six feeling confrontations (2007)
  • Line-Up (2007~2008)
  • Shin PD's Variety World (2010)


  • 1994 Roo'ra Roots Of Reggae
  • 1995 Roo'ra 날개잃은천사
  • 1996 Country Kko Kko
  • 1998 Color of Chameleon
  • 1999 Countury KKO KKO's Carol Album 2
  • 2000 Oh! Gani
  • 2000 Winter Traveling
  • 2001 High Society
  • 2002 딱! 내 스타일이에요
  • 2003 Greatest Hits
  • 2004 Shinnago : Project One


  • Shin Jung Hwan has many nicknames in gameshows like X-Man, Love Letter and Heroine 6 such as "Miss Shin", "Fried Chicken" and "Narrow Shoulders".
  • He is famous for his comic dance and silly act.

Controversy over habitual gambling[edit]

In September 2010, Shin Jung-hwan did not attend one of his scheduled TV programs without prior notice. Later, he explained that he was confined in a hospital in Cebu, Philippines for dengue fever. South Korean media then revealed that he was unable to return to South Korea as he had gambled in the Philippines then lost all his money, as well as his passport. Shin Jung-hwan then uploaded a photo on his official website to support his earlier hospitalization claims. After it was revealed that he had lied, the photo have made the public even more angry for his dishonesty. In January 20, 2011, Shin returned to Korea. He was indicted without detention for habitual gambling, violation of the Foreign Exchange Trade Act as well as the Passport Act.[1]


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