Shin Nittetsu-mae Station

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Shin Nittetsu-mae Station
MT-Shinnittetsu-mae Station-Building 2.JPG
Location Arao, Tōkai, Aichi
Operated by Nagoya Railroad
Line(s) Tokoname Line
Opened 1912
Previous names Kake; Tōkaiseitetsu-mae Station
Fujiseitetsu-mae (until 1970)
Passengers (
[citation needed])
2,292 daily

Shin Nittetsu-mae Station (新日鉄前駅, Shin Nittetu-mae-eki) is a railway station operated by Meitetsu's Tokoname Line located in Tōkai, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is located 10.6 rail kilometers from the terminus of the line at Jingū-mae Station. [1] This station provides access to Seijoh University, although the name comes from the nearby Nippon Steel plant.


Shin Nittetu-mae Station was opened on February 18, 1912 as Kake Station (加家駅, Kake-eki) on the Aichi Electric Railway Company. The Aichi Electric Railway became part of the Meitetsu group on August 1, 1935; however, the station was closed in 1944. On August 17, 1964, the station was reopened as Tōkaiseitetsu-mae Station (東海製鉄前駅, Tōkaiseitetsu-mae eki) after the nearby Tōkai Steel plant. The station named changed to Fujiseitetsu-mae Station (富士製鉄前駅, Fujiseitetsu-mae eki) when Tōkai was absorbed into Fuji Steel on August 1, 1967, and then to its present name on March 31, 1970 when Fuji co-founded Nippon Steel. The station has been unattended since March 2002. In January 2005, the Tranpass system of magnetic fare cards with automatic turnstiles was implemented.



Shinnittetu-mae Station has two elevated opposed side platforms, connected by an overpass.


The station has two side platforms.

1  Tokoname Line For Ōtagawa, Tokoname, Central Japan International Airport and Chita Handa
2  Tokoname Line For Jingū-mae and Nagoya

Adjacent stations[edit]

Meitetsu Tokoname Line
μSKY Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Rapid Express: Does not stop at this station
Express: Does not stop at this station
Semi Express: Does not stop at this station
Shūrakuen Local Ōtagawa

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Coordinates: 35°02′07″N 136°53′57″E / 35.0353°N 136.8993°E / 35.0353; 136.8993