Shin Sung-gyeom

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Shin Sung-gyeom
Shrine of the general Shin Sung-gyeom in northern Daegu, South Korea.
Korean name
Hangul 신숭겸
Hanja 申崇謙
Revised Romanization Sin Sunggyeom
McCune–Reischauer Sin Sung'gyŏm

Shin Sung-gyeom (died 927) was a Korean general during the turbulent Later Three Kingdoms period in the early 10th century. Born in Gwanghaeju (present-day Chuncheon), he became a general in the kingdom of Taebong. He was instrumental in helping Wang Geon, who later founded the state of Goryeo, to achieve power.

Shin is remembered today for giving his life for Wang Geon in the aftermath of a rout of their forces by Hubaekje near present-day Daegu. According to the legend, the two exchanged armor so that the king would be able to escape the battlefield. While Wangeon escaped the battlefield, Shin and the remaining army fought bravely against the Hubaekje army. But eventually his army was routed and in the woods Shin was shot with arrows and was killed by the enemy. He was beheaded and his head was sent to Gyeon Hwon, King of Hubaekje

Shin Sung-gyeom is widely viewed as the founder of the Pyeongsan Shin clan.

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