Shinagawa East One Tower

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Shinagawa East One Tower
Shinagawa East-one-tower.JPG
General information
LocationTokyo, Japan
Address2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates35°37′40″N 139°44′27″E / 35.627764°N 139.740875°E / 35.627764; 139.740875
Construction started2000
CompletedMarch 31, 2003
OwnerDaito Trust Construction Co., Ltd.
Height151.6 m
Technical details
Structural systemSteel frame structure + steel-reinforced concrete structure
Floor count32 (Three basement floors and 32 above ground floors)
Floor area118,420.62m²
Design and construction
Architecture firmNikken Sekkei
Main contractorTakenaka Corporation
Other information
Parking274 car spaces
Official website

Shinagawa East One Tower (しながわイーストワンタワー) is a 32-story intelligent building which was built in Konan, which is a redevelopment area of Minato-ku, Tokyo. The construction of the building was started in 2000, and was completed on 31 March 2003.

The main functions of the building are office and retail space for companies, restaurants, retail establishments and clinics. As with many buildings in Japan this one also is equipped with energy absorption style seismic motion mitigation device.[2]

The Shinagawa East One Tower houses the corporate headquarters of its owner, Daito Trust Construction.[3]


Office tenants[edit]


  • Shinagawa East One Medical Clinic
  • Shinagawa East One Skin Clinic
  • Shinagawa Bayside Ophthalmology
  • East One Dental Clinic[8]


The upper floors of the building are occupied by The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo.[9]


There are several izakaya type restaurant establishments in the building.[10][11][12]


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