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"Shine, Jesus, Shine" (also known by its first line, "Lord, the Light of Your Love") is a Christian praise song written in 1987 by Graham Kendrick.

The song was voted tenth in a 2005 survey of the United Kingdom's favourite hymns by the BBC's Songs of Praise programme.[1] However, Damian Thompson, editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald, called Shine, Jesus, Shine "the most loathed of all happy-clappy hymns".[2]

The song was sung by the children of Department of Social Welfare and Development staff and students from the Mary Immaculate Parish Special School at Villamor Air Base for the departure of Pope Francis from the Philippines on 19 January 2015.[3][not in citation given] Its performance was meant to evoke World Youth 1995, which the Philippines hosted, as well as the visit of then-Pope John Paul II.


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