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Route 9

Shing Mun Tunnels
Part of Route 9
Route information
Maintained by Highways Department
Length: 2.7 km (1.7 mi)
Shing Mun Tunnels and Shing Mun Tunnel Road combined 5.9 km (3.7 mi)
Existed: 20 April 1990 – present
Major junctions
West end: Tsuen Wan (near Wo Yi Hop)
  No junctions
East end: Tai Wai
Highway system
Hong Kong Strategic Route and Exit Number System
Shing Mun Tunnels
HK ShingMunTunnel Flyover.jpg
Bridges over the valley of Lower Shing Mun Reservoir
Traditional Chinese 城門隧道
Simplified Chinese 城门隧道
A red taxicab exiting one of the Shing Mun Tunnels

The Shing Mun Tunnels are a system of tunnels and viaducts in the New Territories, Hong Kong connecting the new towns of Tsuen Wan to the west and Sha Tin to the east. They are a part of Route 9 and the Tsuen Wan entrance is the reset point[clarification needed What does this mean?] of Route 9.[1][2]

Construction started on 11 February 1987 and the tunnels opened on 20 April 1990. They are made up of three sections, each with twin two-lane tunnels (one each way). The westerly pair passes through Ma Tsz Keng (Smuggler's Ridge) near Shing Mun Reservoir, where it gets its name from; the easterly pair passes through Cham Shan (Needle Hill) and is linked to the westerly pair by two viaducts over Lower Shing Mun Reservoir. The toll plaza and bus interchange are located outside the Tsuen Wan end of the tunnel.

The tunnels lead to Cheung Pei Shan Road and connect Wo Yi Hop Interchange in Tsuen Wan, and Shing Mun Tunnel Road in the east which links Tai Wai Road and ends at Tai Po Road.

The Shing Mun Tunnels are currently managed by Greater Lucky (H.K.) Company Limited.[3]

Transport Service[edit]

  • 40X- Wu Kai Sha StationKwai Chung Estate
  • 43P- Tsuen Wan West StationHong Kong Science Park (Rush Time Service)
  • 43X- Tsuen Wan West Station ↔ Yiu On
  • 46P- Mei Tin ↔ Kwai Fong Station (Rush Time Service)
  • 46X- Hin Keng ↔ Mei Foo
  • 47X- Chun Shek ↔ Kwai Shing (East)
  • 48X- Wo Che ↔ Bayview Garden
  • 49P- Sha Tin Central → Tsing Yi Ferry (Rush Time Service)
  • 49X- Kwong Yuen ↔ Tsing Yi Ferry
  • 73X- Fu Shin Estate ↔ Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
  • 263- Sha Tin StationTuen Mun Station
  • 269D- Tin Fu ↔ Lek Yuen
  • 273C- Kau Lung Hang → Tsuen Wan West Station (Rush Time Service)
  • 273P- Tai Wo → Tsuen Wan West Station (Rush Time Service)
  • 278P- Luen Wo Hui → Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) (Rush Time Service)
  • 278X- Sheung Shui ↔ Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)
  • 848- Sha Tin Racecourse → Kwai Fong Station (Race Day Service)
  • 868- Sha Tin Racecourse ↔ Tuen Mun Town Centre (Race Day Service)
  • N48- Yu Chui Court ↔ Bayview Garden (Christmas, New Year Midnight Service)
Long Win Bus
  • A41- Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) ↔ Sha Tin Yu Chui Court
  • A41P- Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) ↔ Wu Kai Sha Station
  • E41- AsiaWorld-Expo ↔ Tai Po Tau
  • E42- Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) ↔ Sha Tin Pok Hong
  • N42- Tung Chung Station ↔ Ma On Shan Yiu On (Midnight Service)
  • N42A- Tung Chung Station ↔ Fanling Luen Wo Hui (Midnight Service)
  • R42- Disneyland Resort ↔ Tai Wai Station (Holiday Service)
  • 403- Shek Lei (Lei Pui Street) ↔ Sha Tin Town Central
  • 403A- On Yam ↔ Sha Tin Town Central
  • 403X- Tai Wai Station ↺ Shek Lei (Lei Pui Street)
  • 481- Fo Tan (Shan Mei Street) ↔ Tsuen Wan Town Centre
  • 481A- Tsuen Wan Town Centre ↔ Sha Tin Centre Street
  • 481B- Tsuen Wan Market Street ↔ Tai Wai (Tung Lo Wan Hill)
  • 482- Sha Tin Town Central ↔ Tsuen Wan Town Centre (Midnight Service)

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Hong Kong Route 9
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Shing Mun Tunnels
Succeeded by
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