Shinichiro Kobayashi

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Shinichiro Kobayashi (小林 伸一郎, Kobayashi Shin'ichirō) (born 19 October 1956) is a Japanese photographer, and "the leading practitioner if not the founder of the ever-popular 'Ruins' or 'Urban Exploration' genre of photography".[1]

Life and career[edit]

Born in Bunkyō-ku, Tokyo, on 19 October 1956, Kobayashi graduated from the Economics department of Senshu University in 1978.[2] After working for studios and publishing, he went freelance in 1984, and set up Studio Rise (Sutajio Raizu, スタジオライズ) in 1988.[2] He won various photography awards in the 1990s.[3]

Prints from Kobayashi's Deathtopia series are in the permanent collection of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.[4]


Solo exhibitions[edit]

  • Building the Chanel Lumière Tower. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, March–April 2005. About the creation of the Chanel Ginza building.[6]
  • Umihito 1977–1988 = 海人1977〜1988. Nakata Museum (Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture), October–November 2008.[3]
  • Hachinohe City. Kōdansha K-Square building, near Gokoku-ji, Tokyo, October 2009.[7]
  • Shimanami Setouchi-kai (島波 瀬戸内海). Nakata Museum, March–May 2011.[8]
  • Torigoe now (鳥越NOW). Ueno Royal Museum, July 2019. About Torigoe [Wikidata].[9]


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