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Shinichiro Kurimoto (栗本 慎一郎, Kurimoto Shin'ichirō, born 1941 in Tokyo) is a Japanese author and a politician. He is also an economic anthropologist and a philosopher who introduced the ideas of Karl Polanyi and his younger brother Michael Polanyi to Japan. He was a professor at universities such as Meiji University and Northwestern University.[1]

During the 1980s his works were categorized in Japan as "new academism", which included works by Akira Asada, Kojin Karatani and Shigehiko Hasumi.[2]

He frequently acted as a judge in the television show Iron Chef, appearing as a judge in 109 episodes.[1][3]


Academic books[edit]

  • Economic Anthropology 経済人類学
  • Economy as Illusions 幻想としての経済
  • Apes in Pants パンツをはいたサル ISBN 4768468993 ISBN 978-4768468999
  • The Iron Maiden 鉄の処女
  • Meaning and Living 意味と生命
  • Budapest Story ブダペスト物語

Literary books[edit]

  • Against Girls 反少女 (short stories)
  • Against Literary Theories 反文学論 (criticism)
  • The Blood of Tokyo Cries 東京の血はどおーんと騒ぐ (an essay like a novel)

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