Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

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Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness
シャイニング・ハーツ ~幸せのパン~
Genre Fantasy, Action
Anime television series
Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki
Produced by Junichi Inaba
Kuniyoshi Shigeta
Masahiro Nakayama
Masanori Goto
Written by Itsuro Kawasaki
Daishiro Tanimura
Music by Hiroki Kikuta
Studio Production I.G
Licensed by
Original network MBS
English network Anime Network
Original run April 13, 2012 June 28, 2012
Episodes 12
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Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan (シャイニング・ハーツ ~幸せのパン~) is a 12-episode anime television series by Production I.G, based on the 2010 PlayStation Portable role-playing game Shining Hearts with character designs by Tony Taka.[2] Two previous Shining games that also feature Tony Taka character designs, Shining Tears and Shining Wind, were adapted into the anime Shining Tears X Wind which has no relation to this series.


Rick lives on the island of Windaria, inhabited by various races such as elves and beast-people. Amnesiac, he is rescued by three young ladies and taken to work in their bakery. But when a red moon rises and a deathly wind blows, they’ll all be engulfed in strange events.


The cast is the same as the video game, with all voice actors reprising their roles. However, the characters Neris (ネリス, Nerisu) and Airy (エアリィ, Earii) are voiced by Mai Aizawa and Shiori Mikami instead of just Kanae Itō, who previously voiced all three girls and is only voicing Amil (アミル, Amiru) in the show. Unlike the game, the three girls are not sisters as evident by their full names: Airy Adetto, Amil Manafurea, and Neris Firiam.

Rick is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese) and Blake Shepard (English), Airy is voiced by Shiori Mikami (Japanese) and Brittney Karbowski (English), Neris is voiced by Mai Aizawa (Japanese) and Genevieve Simmons (English), and Amil is voiced by Kanae Itō (Japanese) and Maggie Flecknoe (English).

Episode list[edit]

No. Title
01"Welcome to Le Coeur"
Rick works with three other girls called Airy, Neris and Amil at a bakery called Le Coeur. They come to fetch Rick early in the morning from the ship he sleeps in to the bakery, Le Coeur to bake bread. Airy also moves around town with the bread to sell it and also to deliver it the children at the church. And so, once when they are in need of more butter, they borrow a cart from Madera, an old lady who is Rick's teacher and another baker in town, to go to the farm to buy butter – Madera requests them to get some Sugar Grass and other items for her use. Since they were not able to get enough grass from the farm, they go to near the Elves' forst to get some where they find an injured Sylph. An elf then comes out to demand that they give the Sylph over and leave the forest immediately. Rick leaves the Sylph and some bread for it, but the Elf does not accept the bread. While going out, they are stopped by another elf, called Rana, who requests for the bread asking for forgiveness for her brother, Alvin's rude behavior, and even asks if more bread can be delivered from time to time. After they return, they are warned by Madera that a storm, bigger than any seen before, is approaching the island, Madera also mentions that she was hinted by the elves about this.
02"The Day Of The Storm"
Since there is a storm coming, Rick is woken up early by Airy to bake lots of bread. The girls warn everyone in town about the storm and everyone works hard and get back home in time. When she is out delivering bread, Airy meets a small girl, who is waiting for her mother to return. Airy shares a bread with the little girl and tells her that she'll wait with the little girl for her mother's arrival. Airy comes to know from the little girl that her mother works in the apple orchard. When she doesn't return home till dark, everyone gets concerned and Rick goes out with more bread to sell and fetch to fetch Airy back. Finally the little girl's mother arrives and they return to the shop. The storm starts and Airy sees the little girl's mother running towards the orchard again. Worried about the little girl, Airy takes a special bread to the little girl, as a charm for her until her mother returns. Finally the storm is over and the townspeople start the rebuilding everything destroyed by the storm. Everyone thanks Rick and the three girls for warning them about the storm. They, in turn, realizing that it was the elves who gave the original warning, bring special bread to the elves in the forest to thank them.
A girl wearing a pendant is washed up on the beach where Rick stays – and the three girls reminisce how Rick was also washed ashore in the same way, but in full armor. While baking bread, Rick finds the furnace is not heating up and when the girls are checking out the reason, the furnace blows up and collapses, and they find out that it was getting old and the storm was the last straw, causing it to fall apart. Upon Madera's advice, they go the Dwarf mountain to get the help of Hank. A girl is shown bound to chains in Hank's workshop. While they return from Hank's place since they do not have enough money to pay for his services, Rick and the girls return to Madera's place and find out that a blackout has been ordered, since some possible pirate ships have been spotted. Everyone start baking bread, and when Rick and Amil go to deliver it to the doctor's place, they find that the girl they found earlier has regained consciousness and her name is Kaguya. The pendant on her starts glowing and at the same time, a kind of search beam also activated on the chain-bound-girl at Hank's workshop and the beam stops at a spot in the sea. In the meantime, the pirate ships start closing in and attacking the village. Two soldiers arrive to demand that the light be put out in the doctor's clinic, but one of them, gets thrown off and when the other tried attacking Kaguya, Rick blocks him. He then remembers that he had met Kaguya before. The girl at Hank's shop awakens and sends a beam to the pirate ship, destroying them all. Finally, the pendant drops without any dispelling any light and the girl at Hank's shop also goes loses her consciousness.
04"Mechanical Doll"
Amil is still disturbed by the last night's events. Neris goes out to town delivering bread and while there she learns from one of the fishermen, John, that fish is scarce because of the storm, but he did see something sparkling underneath the sea, which Xiao Mei too overhears. It also turns out that the girl at Hank's workshop is a robot, trying to restore and reboot her damaged internal systems, but is unable to do so. When visiting the girl at the clinic, Rick borrows her pendant to get it evaluated by Xiao Mei. Though she evaluates that the pendant is not worth much as a precious stone, Xiao Mei suggests that the sparkling thing might actually be a treasure and proposes extracting it from the sea and splitting the profit with them. It turns out to be a huge box, and while tying a rope around it to pull it up, Neris gets her arm stuck, but is rescued by Xiao Mei. Finally, unable to pull it out, they ask Hank for help. They end up damaging most of the ship in the process of excavating the box, and Hank finds something that might actually be what the mechanical doll was searching for, but the royal soldiers take everything retrieved, saying it's the law.
05"As If Meeting"
One day, the girls find an unusual customer in their bakery asking for the sweetest bread they have. The customer then starts coming everyday, asking for more sweet bread, but taking different bread back every time. When they speak of this to Madera, she tells them that they could do a delivery instead. The girls end up following the customer, who turns out to be a familiar called Sorbet, to Melty, who is trying to find the sweetest recipe for an ice cream. They offer her their bread, but she gets all flustered and turns them away, even though she very much liked the bread. Sorbet suggests that they go find out the reason behind the deliciousness and they arrive at the bakery next morning to find that all kinds of special requests are made by the customers and delivered, making their customers very happy. Later at night, Rick and the girls talk about making special bread for Melty and Kaguya. Th girls bring some special desserts for Melty. Melty really likes them, but leaves without making any comment - to make ice cream for all of them. As the ice cream turns out to be delicious, Melty learns an important factor in making them - the desire to make them for someone. Melty also makes special ice cream for Sorbet!
06"The Prince's Request"
When Rick and Airy return to the bakery from delivering bread to Kaguya and the children at the Church, they find Rouna, a servant of Princess Lufina, Prince Lagunas. Her request to them is to make some crusty biscuits, which the Princess has requested among bruschetta and other snacks. Raouna is very clumsy, though very skilled at the kitchen. While they make the biscuits, Rouna uses their kitchen to prepare the other items and they depart to Wyndaria castle. When they arrive, the guards behave rudely, calling them suspicious, but let them in when Rouna claims to know them. The group then meet the Prince and the Princess, who inquire them about the goings-on of the world outside the castle. Neris inquires about the box that the army had confiscated and comes to know that its only to make sure that the objects retrieved from the sea are not dangerous or lost objects and that suitable compensation would be given to the one who retrieved it in due time. They also inquire if the funds for the repair of the Church building were given by the Prince, but he claims to not know it. Instead, they discover that there has been frequent burglary at the castle by a person calling themselves "Phantome Thief Black Tail", and the Prince, knowing that Rick was also washed ashore (like Kaguya) and was a warrior, requests his help in the matter. Neris accepts the offer enthusiastically at the mention of a bonus. Rick and Neris patrol in the castle with Rouna as their guide. As the thief attacks that night, Rick, Neris and Rouna give a vigorous chase, but the thief manages to escape, just as Rick is about to know their true identity.
07"Everyone's Heart"
Hank comes for the repairs. While talking to Amil, it turns out that Madera has a past and it was Madera who helped Airy, Neris and Amil, who were also washed ashore. Rick is unable to make bread at his usual quality, since he is preoccupied with the thought of Xiao Mei being the Black Tail. Madera suggests he ask Xiao Mei his questions directly and sends him to deliver bread. When Rick asks Xiao Mei why she's a thief when she's an antique dealer, Xioa Mei, instead of directly answering, tells him that the Prince was testing him, and wonders if the real Rick is a baker or a warrior. Rick leaves after Xiao Mei tells him he knows nothing. She meets him again later, and tells him that she steals since there are people who put things off for tomorrow. She then takes him to the Chuch, where she returns fixed toys to the children there. When he returns, Rick tells the others about how he exceeded his own expectations of his capability to wield a sword, his dilemma about his past, and finally his decision to continue baking bread. Madera announces that because of Hank's hard work, the furnace is fixed and they can reopen the bakery and the girls announce of their expansion to serving the customers tea and a place to rest, while serving their bread. Amil tells Rick how she was worried that Rick would remember his past and leave them one day, but is now relieved because of his decision. A ship at sea notices a vast ship with armaments with wreckage on fire around it.
08"Drifting Person"
Business as usual at Le Coeur; when it's time for delivery, since there are huge orders Rick decides to share the work with Neris and ends up at Flora's Bar for one of the deliveries. When he sees Onion & Garlic bread as one of the items in the bar's menu, he is intrigued. When he asks Flora, she tells him that she too was ashore and Madera helped her get on her feet. When he asks her whether she remembers her past, she tells him no, and that she has lots of things to do here. She also invites Rick to come to the bar at night sometime. Rick visits her that night and the captain of the ship (seen in the previous episode) arrives, seating next to Rick and declares himself a pirate. The next day, all visit Kaguya who has gottern better and Rick again leaves for the bar at night. He shares his worries with Flora and the pirate, Dylan, who tells him that there is no one in the world without worries and its ok to take your time. He also tells him about the giant warship he saw and tells him that the village might be in danger. While returning, Rick sees Kaguya on the path and asks her whether she is not scared about not remembering her past - she replies that she's not worried since everyone was there for her since she awoke. Dylan offers flora a route of escape on his ship should anything happen to the village, but she declines.The next day, Rick delivers some Onion & Garlic to Flora as thanks and discovers her reason to remain on the island. The episode ends with Hank paying a visit to Xiao Mei.
09"Phantom Thief Again"
Rouna is invited to a picnic, to celebrate Kaguya's recovery and also to collect ingredients. Xiao Mei and Hank arrive at the castle to steal back the items they retrieved at the sea, but Xiao Mei trips on a wire which causes alarms to ring everywhere in the castle. They still manage to get inside the treasure room, and Hank takes the glass item he had found earlier and while escaping they land near the maze. As Rouna and the soldiers chase them, Hank releases a golem from the maze which gets them run away and cause havoc in the castle. The next day, everyone goes on the picnic and after collecting ingredients, Rick returns first while the girls play near the waterfalls. That night, Amil approaches Rick saying he can tell her anything - Rick confesses that he had been worrying about having no memories, but is now ok, since he has been making new memories with everyone now. The soldiers surround Xiao Mei and Hank's houses, but the mechanical doll at Hank's absorbs the glass part and wakes up with her system restoration completed.
10"Messenger From Another World"
Xiao Mei and Hank are captured and jailed at the Wyndaria Castle's Jail. Xiao Mei complains that the soldiers took everything she stole from her house, and when she inquires Hank about his stolen good, he remembers how the mechanical doll flew off after being restored. Rick's bread isn't as tasty as before, and the girls find out that he is missing, and so is Kaguya. Madera is also present while the girls discuss it, and after seeing the red moon outside, she grumbles that it is still too early for the moon to turn red. Kaguya has been carried off to a cave by the mechanical doll. But Rick is at his ship, and after hearing a huge sound, he runs outside to see the pirate ship on the shore badly damaged and Dylan and his men injured. Dylan informs him that the ship was attacked by the warship and that it is heading towards the village. News reaches the prince that one mothership along with several other escort ships are nearing the village, and also the citizens know about this. At the same time, the mechanical doll, named Queen arrives near Hank and Xiao Mei at the jail and informs them about the other, parallel world, which has gotten closer to this world. She tells them that she has to protect her master, Kaguya, from the arriving ships, which want to take her with them to the other world and that the castle, which is far away from the sea, is the safest place for her now. Upon hearing Kaguya wish that none of the townspeople should be hurt because of her, Queen complies and cuts off the chain with the pendant from Kaguya's neck and hands it over to Xiao Mei. She then helps them escape and leaves with Kaguya. Rick, Flora and the girls are at the clinic, where they get more details about the warship from Dylan and they then set out to search for Kaguya. While escaping, Xiao Mei and Hank get surrounded by the prince, Rouna, and the soldiers, and the prince question them about the gem Xiao Mei is carrying. Meanwhile, Rick and the girls gather at Rick's ship, unable to find Kaguya anywhere. The soldiers arrive at the beach, and spotting the warships arrival, alert the castle. We also see Queen carrying Kaguya and flying across the sea towards the warships, which start firing at them.
11"The Decisive Battle"
Queen and Kaguya land on one of the ships, where she is addressed as Sakuya. They get surrounded by lizard men, and a black and purple shadow appears and questions her about the stone (Kaguya's pendant). At the bakery, Rick, the girls and Madera are gathered, and Rick questions Madera about the origins of the so many people in the village, who were washed ashore. Madera replies that they are people from another world. Madera also explains that Kaguya must have been an important person in the other world, and that the pirates (in the warships) are searching for her for power to fight, since war is rampant in the other world. She also mentions that the pendant might have something to do with it all. She also tells them that they too might have come from the other world, fighting all the time, and that they even might have met one another there. A soldier arrives and Rick gets summoned by the prince Lagunas. Meanwhile, at the ship, the shadow declares that Kaguya is worthless without the stone, but when Queen tries to escape with her, the shadow tries to capture her and she gets cut off from Queen. The prince asks Rick to save Kaguya, since Kaguya sacrificed herself to save the town but despite this, the warship is still approaching the village. Rick refuses saying that he's a baker and does not know how to fight. The prince, in turn, reminds him that he fought well against the Black Thief and also that Rick's baking quality has declined. Rick finally decides and meets up with princess Lufina, who tells him that her brother has always wanted the kingdom to protect the people ashed ashore, and that he was really happy when Rick, a warrior was washed ashore since he felt that a protector would be needed. Dylan and his men also move for the fight and Hank and Xiao Mei again make an escape. Lufina hands over the pendant to Rick and asks him to return it to Kaguya, so that her powers can be awakened and restore the world and returns his sword to Rick. With Lufina's help, Rick flies to the warship and starts attacking it, alongside Dylan and his ship of pirates. Meanwhile, Xiao Mei and Hank are at his shop, where they uncover a cannon-like machine.
12"Bread Of Happiness"
Queen hurts herself while protecting Rick, and Rick loses his wings when trying to reach Kaguya. The shadow materializes into a lizard man and tells Rick that Kaguya is blinded because he wants her power. Meanwhile, through the princess' powers, everyone is protected from the warship's attacks. As Rick is about to be killed, the stone lights up and saves him. Hank fires that cannon machine, which hits the lizard man, and also awakens Queen; Queen upon receiving orders from Kaguya, fires a beam onto the ship which mostly destroys it just as a blue light flies away in the sky. Rick and Kaguya are washed ashore. When she asks him whether he won't bake any more bread, Rick just replies that he's tired. When things turn to normal, Queen leaves Kaguya, without her noticing. The prince declares rewards for Rick, Hank, Xiao Mei and Dylan and his men. Rick has been practicing at Madera's until this baking betters. While returning, he sees the pirate Dylan departing on another journey. Rick returns to being a baker at Le Couer.


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