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Shining Stone Community Action (SSCA; Chinese: 社区参与行动) is a Beijing-based non-profit organization whose mission is to engage citizens in public decision making. The organization works in accordance with the International Association for Public Participation's (IAP2) seven core values for the practice of public participation. The organization acts on the local level and throughout China to promote sustainable participatory governance reforms with the intention of making more exceptional, democratic, and efficient decisions. For that reason, SSCA has adopted western methods of public participation (for example, open space, community organizing, or mediation) in China. The NGO was founded in 2002; the co-founder and president is Song Qinghua.

Fields of work[edit]

  • SSCA trains residents, scientists, and civil servants in the methods of public participation.
  • SSCA carries out pilot projects for communities, and assists them in managing and promoting participatory projects.
  • SSCA does research and publishes (in Chinese) methodical approaches, as well as case studies in the field of public participation.
  • SSCA works on setting up a national network of public participation, and promotes international cooperation in the respective areas.


The NGO closely cooperates with national and foreign foundations including Canadian Harmony Foundation, German Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Chinese Vantone Foundation, and American Ford Foundation. The organization also carries out pilot projects and gives trainings on behalf of Chinese authorities (e.g. Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs and Beijing Hepingli Sub-District). The American Ford Foundation has supported SCCA's mission and activities since the founding of the NPO in 2002.