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The Shinji Shōbōgenzō or True Dharma Eye 300 Cases (Shōbōgenzō Sambyakusoku), or Treasury of the True Dharma Eye (Mana Shōbōgenzō), compiled by Eihei Dōgen in 1223-1227, was first published in Japanese in 1766. The literary sources of the Shinji Shōbōgenzō are believed to have been the Keitoku Dentōroku and the Shūmon Tōyōshū.[1] It is considered significant that "this koan collection -- in Dogen's hand -- demonstrated that the Soto tradition had 'lost' the meaning (wisdom) of Dogen's work".[2] It is written in Chinese, the language of the original texts from which the koans were taken.

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