Shinjuku Triad Society

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Shinjuku Triad Society
Shinjuku Triad Society PAL DVD cover
Directed by Takashi Miike
Produced by Tetsuya Ikeda
Toshiki Kimura
Ken Takeuchi
Tsutomu Tsuchikawa
Written by Ichirô Fujita
Music by Atorie Shira
Cinematography Naosuke Imaizumi
Edited by Yasushi Shimamura
Release dates
Running time
100 min.
Language Japanese

Shinjuku Triad Society (Shinjuku kuroshakai: Chaina mafia sensô) is a 1995 Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike. The film is one of the earliest examples of Miike's use of extreme violence and unusual characterization, two aspects he would become notorious for. The film is part of the Black Triad trilogy and is followed by Rainy Dog and Ley Lines.


The film recounts the interactions of a homosexual triad group with a police officer as well as opposing yakuza organizations. When the younger brother to a renegade police officer becomes the lawyer to the triad group, an argument between the two leads to the downfall of the organization.


Actor Role
Kippei Shiina Kiriya
Tomorowo Taguchi Wang
Takeshi Caesar Karino
Ren Osugi Yakuza boss
Yukie Itou
Kyosuke Izutsu
Kazuhiro Mashiko
Airi Yanagi

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