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Karakoram Highway route map

(SHINKIARAI)The KINK CITY OF PAKHAL VALY.This a Union Council of Mansehra District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The police station was also established before partition at that time Baffa was police chowki of Shinkiri Police Station (thana) and the second police chowki was Battal these both Chowkies have now became police Stations (thanas) while historically with poor political background Shinkiari is still a (thana) instead of tehsil of Mansehra District. Most of the people are from the Swati Pukhtoon tribe Pashto speaker.But common language is HINKO speakes in the Hazarah belt commonly. Shinkiarai is a combination of two pashto word which means "Shin" Green an "Kiarai" Garden/Place of greenery.The speciality of it is drinking water that is very sweet ant tasty with many digestive minerals.This is the main reason for increasing population of the city. It is a very important city from its political and geographical point of view.Its topography is very plane towards Lower Pakhal.It is very first city of Pakhal.It is a junction point for Siran Valy,Konsh Valy and Baffa.


Shinkiari is located 18 km north of Mansehra city on the Karakoram Highway, it is located at 34°28'0N, 73°16'60E at an altitude of 1019 metres (3346 feet).[1] Due to its strategic location Shinkiari is also a base for the Pakistan ArmyPakistan Junior Leaders Academy (JLA)is the army training centre for juniors.The city is a major stop for people travelling north.its a historical city.There are very plane cultivated land for vigitables,grains, sugar can, tobacco leaves, rice and uses for many other agricultural purposes .\ Pakistan Forest Institution college is reconstructed after earthquake of 2005 which is located just 3 km away from city toward insides of the Great Forest (Jungul) rang of Jaborri.


It is famous for cultivating the first tea garden in Pakistan because of its natural environment and terrain.[2] side by side a very beautiful view of Siran doubled its beauty came from Siran and Konsh vallies and get together at the place of ICHRRIAN.One can access to KUND Rest house 24 km away in the JABORRI forest range over top of the hill.This rest house was built during English empire in 1919. It is also damaged in earthquake of 2005 and could not rebuilt by Government of PAKISTAN. It should be administer as a Tehsel due to its covered area of 14 joint union councils.