Shinmen clan

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Shinmen clan
Home provinceYamashiro
Parent houseAkamatsu clan

Shinmen clan (新免氏, Shinmen-shi) was a Japanese kin group that flourished during the 15th–16th (Sengoku period) and 17th centuries (Edo period) of Japan. The clan resided in Western Kyoto.


The Shinmen were a branch of the Akamatsu clan.[1] The Shinmen clan were known for employing highly skilled swordsman as their vassals. This long line of skilled swordsmanship within the clan dated back around to the 15th century, when men such as Hirata Shokan were employed.

One noteworthy member of the Shinmen clan was Shinmen Sokan (16th century). Retainers from that era include Hirata Munisai (commonly known as Miyamoto or Shinmen Munisai), the father of the famous swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. Munisai soon became the most senior retainer of this clan and enforced Shinmen policies.

The history of the Shinmen clan following the Edo era is unknown.


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