Shinola, Vol. 1

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Shinola, Vol. 1
Ween - Shinola, Vol. 1.jpg
Compilation album by Ween
Released 19 July 2005
Recorded 1990-2005
Length 47:34
Label Chocodog
Producer Andrew Weiss
Ween chronology
Live in Chicago
Shinola, Vol. 1
The Friends EP
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media 7.6/10 link

Shinola, Vol. 1 is a collection studio album by the band Ween. Released by Chocodog on July 19, 2005, Shinola is a collection of odds and ends that the band put together over the years.

All of the songs on this album were released in a demo form in some way or another. "Did You See Me?" was originally recorded for The Mollusk but was not released until it appeared on this album. "The Rift" and "Gabrielle" appeared in the 1992 Chocolate and Cheese demos. "Tastes Good on Th' Bun" appeared in The Pod demos of 1990. "I Fell in Love Today" and "Someday" appear in Quebec's Caesar Demos, which would not be released until 2011. "Boys Club", "Israel" and "Transitions" have appeared in demo form on various random tapes. "Big Fat Fuck", "How High Can You Fly", and "Monique the Freak" were on the band's self-released Internet album Craters of the Sac. All of those songs were changed for this release. "How High Can You Fly" went from a running time of 1:47 on Craters to a running time of 2:41 on this album. "Big Fat Fuck" went from a running time of 7:09 on Craters to a running time of 2:57 on this album. Last, "Monique the Freak" went from the running time of 10:17 on Craters, to 5:49 on Shinola. Not many lyrics are different between the two releases, just longer instrumental parts.

The album gets its title from the colloquial phrase, 'You don't know shit from Shinola'.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Tastes Good on th' Bun"   3:26
2. "Boys Club"   3:06
3. "I Fell in Love Today"   4:09
4. "Big Fat Fuck"   2:55
5. "Gabrielle"   3:29
6. "Did You See Me?"   5:11
7. "How High Can You Fly?"   2:39
8. "Transitions"   3:45
9. "Israel"   3:40
10. "The Rift"   5:41
11. "Monique the Freak"   5:48
12. "Someday"   3:45


Produced/mixed by Andrew Weiss and Ween.
Written and performed by Dean and Gene Ween.
Mastered by Emily Lazar.