Shinonoi Line

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Shinonoi Line
E257rapid 20040721.jpg
E257 series EMU on a Rapid service between Nagano and Matsumoto, April 2008
Type Heavy rail
Locale Nagano Prefecture
Termini Shinonoi
Stations 15
Owner JR East
Line length 66.7 km (41.4 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification 1,500 V DC overhead catenary
Route map
JR Shinonoi Line linemap.svg

The Shinonoi Line (篠ノ井線 Shinonoi-sen?) is a railway line in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East). It connects Shinonoi Station in Nagano to Shiojiri Station in Shiojiri.

The line is a corridor between the Shinetsu Main Line and the Chūō Main Line. All the limited express trains on the Shinonoi Line come from the Chūō Main Line: Azusa and Super Azusa from Tokyo and Shinano from Nagoya.


The Shinonoi to Nishijo section opened in 1900, and was extended through Matsumoto to Shiojiri in 1902.

The Shiojiri - Matsumoto section was duplicated between 1961 and 1965, with the Tazawa - Akashina section duplicated in 1966. The Akashina to Nishijo section was also duplicated, but the original line was decommissioned in 1988.

The Shiojiri - Matsumoto section was electrified in 1964/5, and extended to Shinonoi in 1973, CTC signalling being commissioned on the entire line the previous year.

Former connecting lines[edit]

  • Matsumoto station - The Chikuma Electric Railway Co. opened a 5km line, electrified at 600 VDC, to Asama Onsen in 1924. In 1958 the voltage was raised to 750 VDC, but the line closed in 1964.


●: All trains stop, ▲: Some trains stop, |: non-stop
Line name Station Distance
Transfers Location
Shinonoi Line Shiojiri 0.0   Chūō Main Line Shiojiri Nagano Prefecture
Hirooka 3.8    
Murai 6.8     Matsumoto
Hirata 8.8    
Minami-Matsumoto 10.9    
Matsumoto 13.3 Ōito Line
Alpico Kōtsū Kamikōchi Line
Tazawa 21.6   Azumino
Akashina 28.2  
Nishijō 37.2   Chikuhoku, Higashi­chikuma District
Sakakita 40.9  
Hijiri-Kōgen 45.0   Omi, Higashi­chikuma District
Kamuriki 48.3   Chikuhoku, Higashi­chikuma District
Obasute 54.2   Chikuma
Inariyama 62.9   Nagano
Shinonoi 66.7 Shinano Railway Line
Shin'etsu Main Line
Imai 68.8  
Kawanakajima 71.0  
Amori 73.1  
Nagano 76.0 Hokuriku Shinkansen
Shinano Railway Kita-Shinano Line
Nagano Electric Railway Nagano Line

Passing loops and switchbacks[edit]

Hirase loop[edit]

A passing loop is located in Azumino, known as Hirase shingōjō (平瀬信号場?). It has two tracks.

Haneo switchback[edit]

A switchback is located in Azumino, known as Haneo shingōjō (羽尾信号場?)

Kuwanohara switchback[edit]

A switchback is located in Azumino, known as Kuwanohara shingōjō (桑ノ原信号場?)

Rolling stock[edit]

Limited express[edit]


Former rolling stock[edit]


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