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Shinseisha Co., Ltd.
Statusdefunct (September 6, 1999)
FoundedFebruary 1971
Country of originJapan
Headquarters location101-8935 Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Jimbo Kanda-cho 1-chome 26
Publication typesPublication and sale of game-related magazines
Nonfiction topicsvideo games
Fiction genresgame-related magazines
Revenue2.7 billion 13 million yen (Year ended March 31, 1999)
No. of employees60

Shinseisha (新声社, Shinseishiya) Co., Ltd. was a Japanese publisher founded in 1971 and who filed for bankruptcy in 1999. Originally, it published learning reference books. The publisher is notable for its 1986 arcade game magazine Gamest (ゲーメスト, Gēmesuto). The representative was Hiroshi Kato. The company's capital was 10 million yen. Major subsidiaries were Marugeya Ltd. (株式会社マルゲ屋, Kabushikigaisha maruge-ya) and Shinkoe Publishing Ltd. (株式会社新声パブリッシング, Kabushikigaisha shinsei paburisshingu).[1]


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