Shintetsu Kōen-Toshi Line

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Local train in 2008

The Kōen-Toshi Line (公園都市線 Kōen-Toshi-sen?) is a commuter railway line in Sanda, Hyōgo Prefecture operated by Kobe Electric Railway.

The line is 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) long, connecting Yokoyama to Woody Town Chūō. Although Yokoyama is the line terminus, all trains continue on the Sanda Line to Sanda.


The Yokoyama - Flower Town section opened in 1991, 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge and electrified at 1500 VDC. The line was extended to Woody Town Chūō in 1996.

The line is single track, but the corridor allows for duplication if required in the future.


Station Number Station Connections Location
Sanda Line
KB29 Sanda 三田 JR West: Fukuchiyama Line (JR Takarazuka Line) Sanda, Hyōgo Prefecture
KB28 Sanda Hommachi 三田本町
Koen-Toshi Line
KB27 Yokoyama 横山 Sanda Line (to Arimaguchi, Shinkaichi) Sanda
KB31 Flower Town フラワータウン
KB32 Minami Woody Town 南ウッディタウン
KB33 Woody Town Chūō ウッディタウン中央


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