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March 2004 view across the sound from Ship Cove

Meretoto / Ship Cove is a small bay in the Queen Charlotte Sound — part of the Marlborough Sounds — in New Zealand. It is on the west coast of the Sound, just west of Motuara Island and Long Island.

The name Ship Cove was given by Captain James Cook on 15 January 1770 when his ship the Endeavour anchored there to replenish supplies of food, water and wood.[1] While his ship was overhauled at anchor, Cook made a headquarters on the shore in the Cove, ordering the planting of vegetable gardens and construction of an enclosure for pigs.[2] Cook would return to the Cove a further four times over the course of his first and second voyages to the Pacific.[2]

Monument to Captain James Cook, in Ship Cove

Cook's settlement was abandoned following his second voyage. Colonel William Wakefield, one of the founders of Wellington, also anchored his ship the Tory in the Cove in 1839.[2]

Approximately 1,700 acres (6.9 km2) of land at Ship Cove has been declared a Scenic Reserve administered by the Ship Cove Scenic Reserves Board.[2]

In 1948, the official name of the bay was gazetted as Meretoto, and in August 2014 was altered to Meretoto / Ship Cove.[3]


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