Shiprock High School

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Shiprock High School
PO Box 3578
Shiprock, New Mexico 87420
United States
Type Public High School
Motto "There's Only One Shiprock", "Once a Chieftain always a Chieftain!!"
Principal John Tohtsoni
Grades 9-12
Number of students 935
Crimson, Silver, Turquoise
Athletics NMAA
District 1-AAA
Mascot Chieftain

Shiprock High School is a public high school in Shiprock, New Mexico (USA).The school has been visited by one U.S. President: Bill Clinton in 2000. Shiprock High is part of the Central Consolidated School District along with Kirtland Central High School and Newcomb High School. The school colors are Crimson, Silver, and Turquoise and the mascot is the Chieftain.

Shiprock High School Facilities[edit]

Performing arts center[edit]

Phil L. Thomas Performing Arts Center,[1]: also known as THE PHIL, is a multi-use performance space that is intended for use by various types of the performing arts, including dance, music, theatre and concerts . Below is a list of performers who have visited and performed.


Artist Year Visited Genre
Indigo Girls [2]: 2007 American Folk Rock
Campanas de America Campanas de America: 2010 Mariachi Band
Jo Dee Messina [3]: 2010 [4]: American Country Music
Tracy Lawrence [5]: 2010 American Country Music
Clay Walker [6]: 2010 American Country Music
Gretchen Wilson [7]: 2011 [8]: American Country Music
Neal McCoy 2011 American Country Music
U.S. Air Force Academy Winds ensemble [9]: 2011 Concert Band
Joe Nichols [10]: 2012 American Country Music

Athletic facilities[edit]

Shiprock High Schools largest sports facility, Chieftain Stadium is used for football games, track and field meets and can be used for soccer games, the Chieftain Pit [11]:(basketball and volleyball), and the Natatorium (swimming). There are also a baseball, and softball fields, a 4-court tennis complex, a cross country course, a weight room, and basketball courts. The Navajo Nation and Shiprock High School hosted the 2011 Native Vision [12]: Sports Camp on June 5–7. It involved 62 professional and collegiate athletes volunteered to coach, Approximately 800 youth from over 15 tribal nations attended. Six sports clinics were offered, including football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and lacrosse.

Shiprock High School Athletics and Activities[edit]

Shiprock High School is home to an athletic program that is historically rich in spirit and tradition.

Athletic events at Shiprock High are an integral part to the student and local community life. SHS enjoys some of the most dedicated fans in the state of New Mexico. The support for SHS athletics have helped contribute to the success enjoyed by the Chieftains over the years in the quest for excellence. The Chieftains own 11 NMAA state championships in Chieftains and Lady Chieftain sports, they have claimed numerous district 1-AAA and 1-AAAA titles and boast several New Mexico All-Star Athletes.

Shiprock High School is a member of the New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) Class AAAA schools in District 1-AAAA.

District 1-AAAA, Shiprock High School, Thoreau High School, Wingate High School, Navajo Prep [13]:

Chieftain Fan Photos[edit]

Fan Photos [14]:

Chieftain Athletics[edit]

Shiprock High School participates in the following athletics [15]:

Chieftain Rankings[edit]

  • Chieftain Basketball Rankings [27]:
  • Lady Chieftain Basketball Rankings [28]:
  • NM Track & XC Coaches Association Top Ten Polls [29]:

Chieftain Rivalries[edit]

Shiprock High School's traditional rivals in all sports include Kirtland Central High School, Most notable is the Lady Chieftains and Kirtland Central Lady Broncos which have met in the New Mexico State Basketball Championships 9 times. It all started with the first matchup in 1987 followed by 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, in AAA and most recently in 2010 for the AAAA game. The Shiprock Lady Chieftains hold a 4-5 record in the New Mexico State Championship game against the Kirtland Central Lady Broncos. Wingate High School and most recently Piedra Vista High School are also good rival games. A notable out of state rival is Monument Valley High School from Arizona.

State Championships[edit]

Shiprock High School has one of the greatest winning traditions in New Mexico High School Sports. Shiprock expects great things from all its athletics teams. Time and time again, the Chieftains have delivered with multiple New Mexico High School State Championships.

Most recently the most successful teams at Shiprock High School have been the Lady Chieftain Basketball team and the Shiprock USMC JROTC. The Shiprock Lady Chieftains basketball program added to its storied dynasty by winning the 2017 AAAA New Mexico State Girls Basketball Championship defeating rival Hope Christian High School 47-42. The Lady Chieftains extended its dynasty, earning its sixth overall New Mexico State title. This followed crowns in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, and 2002. The Shiprock JROTC program won its first state title in 2016/17 and this adds to the overall 15th state team title to all Shiprock High School athletics. In addition to 15 New Mexico State championships, Shiprock High School has numerous District 1-AAA and 1-AAAA district titles and numerous individual state champions. The Shiprock Lady Chieftains have a combined record of 6-8 in New Mexico State Championship games. They are coming off their most successful season since 1969 having compiled a 25-4 record.

State Championships[edit]

Shiprock State Championships
Sport Class Year(s)
Basketball, Girls AAAA 2017
Basketball, Girls AAA 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 2002
Cross Country, Boys AAA 1974, 2001
Cross Country, Girls AAA 2001, 2004, 2012
Cross Country, Girls AAAA 2015
Golf, Girls A-AAA 2001, 2002

State Championship Scoreboard[edit]

Shiprock State Championship Scoreboard
Sport Class Year Win/Loss Score
Basketball, Girls AAAA 2017 WIN Shiprock 47-Hope 42
Basketball, Girls AAAA 2016 L Shiprock 48-Hope 51
Basketball, Girls AAA 2014 L Shiprock 59-Portales 62
Basketball, Girls AAA 2011 L Shiprock 22-Santa Fe Indian 43
Basketball, Girls AAAA 2010 L Shiprock 52-Kirtland Central 71
Basketball, Girls AAA 2002 WIN Shiprock 75-Portales 60
Basketball, Girls AAA 1995 L Shiprock 49-Kirtland Central 68
Basketball, Girls AAA 1994 L Shiprock 54-Kirtland Central 57
Basketball, Girls AAA 1993 L Shiprock 46-Kirtland Central 47
Basketball, Girls AAA 1992 WIN Shiprock 58-Kirtland Central 54
Basketball, Girls AAA 1990 WIN Shiprock 57-Kirtland Central 36
Basketball, Girls AAA 1989 WIN Shiprock 83-Kirtland Central 55
Basketball, Girls AAA 1988 WIN Shiprock 60-Kirtland Central 58
Basketball, Girls AAA 1987 L Shiprock 61-Kirtland Central 62
Basketball, Boys B 1969 L Shiprock 62-Eunice 87
Softball AAA 2005 L Shiprock 1-Grants 3
Softball AAA 2001 L Shiprock 5-Lovington 9

State Runner-up[edit]

Shiprock State Runner-up
Sport Class Year(s)
Cross Country, Girls AAA 2000
Cross Country, Girls AAAA 2014
Cross Country, Boys AAA 1990, 1991, 2000, 2010, 2011
Basketball, Girls AAA 1987, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2011, 2014
Basketball, Girls AAAA 2010, 2016
Basketball, Boys (26-5) B 1969
Softball AAA 2001, 2005
Wrestling AAA 2001

Individual State Champions[edit]

Shiprock Individual State Champions
Year Class Athlete Sport
1974 AAA Vinny Thomas Men's Cross Country
1982 AAA Albert Avery Wrestling
1986 AAA Keevin King Wrestling
1989 AAA Jerrold Golbe Wrestling
1992 AAA Jim Marcino 800 M. Dash/Track & Field
1993 AAA Blaine Thomas 3200 M. Run/Track & Field
1993 AAA Lance Foster Men's Cross Country
1995 AAA Lance Foster 800 M. Dash/Track & Field
1996 AAA Kevin Price Men's Golf
2001 AAA Orlando Walter 300 M. Hurdles/Track & Field
2001 AAA Orlando Franklin Wrestling
2001 AAA Brandon Bull Wrestling
2001 AAA Kevin Lee Wrestling
2002 AAA Terence Yesslith 1600 M. Run/Track & Field
2002 AAA Orlando Franklin Wrestling
2003 AAA Nate King Wrestling
2005 AAA SHS Girls Track & Field Team 1600 Med.Relay/Track & Field
2005 AAA Glynnis Price Women's Golf
2006 AAA Alister Buck Wrestling
2011 AAA Herbert Beyale III Men's Cross Country
2012 AAA Herbert Beyale III 3200/Track & Field
2016 AAAA Julian Aspaas Wrestling

District Championships[edit]

Shiprock 1-AAAA Championships
Sport Year
Basketball, Girls 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Basketball, Boys 2007-08, 2013
Cross Country, Girls
Cross Country, Boys
Golf, Girls
Golf, Boys
Track & Field, Girls
Track & Field, Boys
Volleyball 2009-10
Wrestling 2017
Shiprock 1-AAA Championships
Sport Year
Baseball 2010-11
Basketball, Girls 1988-89, 2001–02, 2005–06, 2010–11, 2011–12
Basketball, Boys 2001-02, 2005–06, 2011–12, 2013-14
Cross Country, Girls 2005-2006, 2011-2012
Cross Country, Boys 2011-2012
Football 2000-01, 2010–11
Golf, Girls
Golf, Boys
Track & Field, Girls
Track & Field, Boys
Volleyball 2001-02,2004–05, 2010–11

Shiprock High School National Headlines[edit]

  • Rocks With Wings, Documentary, USA Today [30]:
  • Rocks With Wings, Documentary, New York Times [31]:
  • Rocks With Wings, Documentary, Montreal Mirror, [32]:
  • Native Vision, Johns Hopkins [33]:

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