Shipwreck Falls

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Shipwreck Falls
Darien Lake
Status Operating
Opening date 2002
Replaced Cascade Canyon
Elitch Gardens
Status Operating
Opening date 1997
Geauga Lake
Status Relocated to Celebration City
Opening date 2000
Closing date September 16, 2007
Six Flags America
Area Chesapeake
Status Operating
Opening date 1993
Six Flags New England
Status Removed
Opening date 1997
Closing date September 5, 2011
Replaced by Goliath
Celebration City
Name Roaring Falls
Status Closed
Opening date 2008
Closing date October 25, 2008
General statistics
Type Shoot the Chute
Height 50 ft (15 m)
Height restriction 36 in (91 cm)

Shipwreck Falls is a Shoot-the-Chute water ride at many Herschend and Six Flags theme parks, in the United States. The attraction is themed to sharks and shipwrecks, and all feature an exit bridge over the ride so guests can get wet while exiting.

Darien Lake[edit]

Darien Lake's version has water cannons that spray riders with water for a small fee. The ride replaced "Cascade Canyon", an older set of water slides that were in Barracuda Bay.

Geauga Lake[edit]

Shipwreck Falls at Geauga Lake was located across from the Big Dipper. It was manufactured by Hopkins Rides. It was relocated to Celebration City after the closure of the park in 2007 where it became known as Roaring Falls in 2008. Celebration City closed on October 25, 2008.

Six Flags New England[edit]

Shipwreck Falls at Six Flags New England was removed in September 2011 to make room for Goliath, a Giant Inverted Boomerang roller coaster.[1]

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