Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2006

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Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2006
Shipwrecked Battle of the Islands logo.jpg
Presented by
No. of episodes 20
Winner Sharks
Location(s) Moturakau and Rapota, Cook Islands, South Pacific
Filming dates September 2005 – January 2006
Original release 8 January – 28 May 2006
Preceded by Shipwrecked (Series 3)
Followed by Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2007 (Series 5)

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2006 is a British reality series that premiered on Channel 4 in 2006. It is the fourth series of the RDF Media programme, Shipwrecked, and featured a radically different format from the first three series, in that contestants were divided into tribes, with competitions, voting and a cash prize at stake.[1]

Episode guide[edit]


Sharks Tigers
Member Arrival Week Original Tribe Original Tribe Arrival Week Member
Laura Pratt
21, Kent
Interior Design Graduate
Cooking Spices
1 Sharks Tigers 1 Charlie Freeman
18, Darlington
Leisure Attendant
Pen & Paper
Niff Faulks
23, Cornwall
Oceanography Graduate
Pen & Paper
1 Sharks Tigers 1 Katie Rose
18, Hampshire
Gap Year Student
Lou Gazeley
19, Croydon
Marketing Student
Journal & Pen
1 Sharks Tigers 1 Chris Brain
23, Isle of Man
Panel Beater & Part-Time Bouncer
Sam Bush
19, Bournemouth
Band tour manager
Board game
5 Sharks Tigers 1 Crawford Anderson
23, London
"Pass The Pigs" game
James George1
22, Wiltshire
Journalism Graduate
6 Tigers Tigers 2 Alara Gee
23, Leeds
Public Relations
A pair of working gloves
Ishta Nyakoojo
22, Manchester
Diary & Pen
8 Sharks Tigers 4 Charlie Murray
20, Winchester
Fashion Sales Assistant
Silk lining for sleeping bag
James Mudie
20, West Sussex
Cabin crew
Face Paints
9 Sharks Tigers 7 Lucy Roberts-Bakkioui
20, London

A diary
Jo Armstrong2
23, Warrington
Geography graduate
10 Sharks Tigers 7 Richard Biedul
22, London
Law graduate
Poker set
Annalisa Addison
21, London
Journal & Pen
14 Sharks Tigers 11 Leah Hibbert
21, London
Gareth Saunders5
22, Plymouth
13 Tigers Tigers 1 Chris Baddoo3
18, Newcastle upon Tyne
Diary & Pen
Courtney Hayles6
23, London/Manchester
Performing Arts
Note pad & Journal
12 Tigers Tigers 15 Rory Nugent
23, Dublin
Radio Broadcaster/Producer
Irish Drum
Anna Singleton
23, London
Graduate / promotional work
Skipping rope
15 Sharks Sharks 1 John Melvin7
22, London/Northern Ireland
Trainee Barrister
Kevin Bratherton4
23, Manchester
Playing Cards
3 Sharks Tigers 16 Ryan Lewis
19, Cardiff
Note pad & pen
Zara Brocklesby
22, London
Pen & Paper
17 Sharks Tigers 18 Jonathan Ross
23, London
Works for Architect
Djemba Drum
Jenni Danns
22, Liverpool
Marketing student/dancer
Buddhist prayer book, incense & beads.
19 Sharks

^Note 1 : James George originally joined Tigers in Week 6, but nominated to Sharks in Week 8 after being found out as a Shark mole by the Tigers.
^Note 2 : Jo Armstrong is the sister of departed castaway Geoff Armstrong. Jo originally introduced herself as "Lorna" in her week as new arrival to hide her relationship to Geoff.
^Note 3 : Chris Baddoo made a shock nomination to Sharks in Week 11, but nominated back to Tigers in Week 13 using up his two island moves.
^Note 4 : Kevin had nominated to Tigers in Week 13, but was rejected as the Tigers favoured the returning Chris Baddoo. Kevin successfully nominated to Tigers in Week 14. As a punishment for the kidnapping of Anna Singleton in Week 16, the Tigers nominated Kevin to go back to the Sharks as a "punishment", Kevin had always planned on nominating back to the Sharks anyway.
^Note 5 : Gareth nominated to Sharks after an unhappy week on Tigers in Week 14.
^Note 6 : Courtney nominated to Sharks in Week 15, after not settling on Tiger Island.
^Note 7 : John volunteered to serve the Shark's punishment for setting foot on Tiger Island during the Anna Singleton fiasco.

Castaways That Departed[edit]

Name Arrival Week Week Departed Reason for Leaving shark tribe didn't understand him
Geoff Armstrong
21, Warrington
1 5 Fell out with Shark Tribe & nomination to Tigers rejected.

The Kidnapping of Anna Singleton[edit]

During the sixteenth week in the competition, both tribes were asked to select a member of the opposing side to stay for one night, in a game where numbers are vital this was an ideal opportunity to claim back former members who had switched. The Shark Tribe ask for Katie who is a founding member of the Tigers and is heavily inclined towards them. When the Tigers ask for Anna the Sharks are wary of their strategy and eagerly await the return of their tribe member.

After a night of enjoyment on Tigers Anna becomes close to Chris Brain, the Tigers agree to kidnap Anna for a bit of fun and send a ransom note to the Sharks. (though when they originally voice the idea you can hear Anna agree to it due.) Enraged by the demands, the Sharks endure the 1/2 mile swim and demand the return of their tribe mate who is hiding in the jungle with Chris Brain, Shipwrecked rules dictate that an opposing tribe cannot stand on the opposing island unless invited or if it is a Sunday (generally known as a Beach Party where the new castaway decide their tribe). The Sharks violate this rule by raiding the camp and in doing so taking Kevin with them, thus breaking another rule by unofficially joining an island without nomination. At the Beach Party in which Ryan chose his tribe (eventually, Tigers) they were informed that they would be punished for their actions, and that each tribe must sacrifice one of their own to move permanently. Tiger Island accepted Kevins wish to move, meanwhile Shark Islanders James George and John Melvin stated they would move, although James suffered heavily whilst he was on Tigers due to his own stupidity and John was known as the leader of Shark Island.

When Kevin and John swapped necklaces - they were reminded that this was non-negotiable. And they would never bear their old tribes necklace, much to the dismay of Sharks.


  • Geoff was the first Shipwrecked castaway to nominate to move tribes. Geoff had exiled himself from the rest of the Shark tribe and had nominated himself to move to Tigers in Week 5, the Tigers denied his request and Geoff subsequently left the show.
  • The next installment of the American series 'Survivor' was filmed on the very same islands (Moturakau and Rapota) as used in Shipwrecked 2006 and was called Survivor: Cook Islands. The series was filmed from June until August 2006, only weeks before the next set of castaways arrived on the 'deserted & untouched' islands.
  • Shark inhabitant Jo Armstrong is the sister to former Shark Geoff Armstrong, but the siblings never appeared on the show together.
  • During the reunion show on Channel 4, John who decided to sacrifice himself to Tigers for rule-breaking stated he took a share of the Sharks prize money, although when questioned he stated he would still accept a share of the money if Tigers won.
  • Jenni's speech to choose her island was heavily edited down to three minutes from twelve.
  • Loads of activities took place during the beach parties including tug of war, football matches, dance and rap-offs, which were never shown on the TV programme.
  • Alara is sister of Helena Gee, former frontwoman in Leeds-based band The Ivories.