Shipwrecked Among Cannibals

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Shipwrecked Among Cannibals
Shipwrecked Among Cannibals (1920) - Ad 1.jpg
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Directed byWilliam F. Adler
CinematographyEdward Laemmle and William F. Alder
Distributed byUniversal Film Manufacturing Company
Release date
  • July 4, 1920 (1920-07-04)
Running time
6 reels
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)
Box office$1,000,000[1]

Shipwrecked Among Cannibals is a 1920 American silent film travel documentary film directed by William F. Alder, and released by Universal Studios in July 1920.[2]

Production background[edit]

The film featuring episodes from Siam, Java, and New Guinea plus an apparently fictitious encounter with cannibals on a small island in the South Pacific. Filming among the tribes in Dutch New Guinea was done by William F. Alder and Edward Laemmle, who was the nephew of Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Studios.[3]


Under the pretense of being an educational ethnographic film, film producers have often justified exploitative elements such as half-clad natives in South Seas island documentaries. At least one educational publication, which appeared to take the film as fully authentic, suggested that this film could with review be used in schools.[4] Although Shipwrecked Among Cannibals generally received good reviews, it did not do well at the box office.[3]

Preservation status[edit]

It is not known whether the film currently survives.[5]

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