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Mji wa Shirati
Shirati is located in Tanzania
Location of Shirati
Coordinates: 1°09′13″S 34°01′49″E / 1.15361°S 34.03028°E / -1.15361; 34.03028
Country Tanzania
RegionMara Region
Time zoneUTC+3 (East Africa Time)
WebsiteRegional website

Shirati is a town in Rorya District in North Mara, Tanzania on the shore above Lake Victoria, near the border with Kenya. It has a population of c. 100,000[1] It is the northernmost town at the border with Kenya at is located in Royra District. Most of the residents of Shirati are DhoLuo speaking people Nilotes. Suba people, a subbranch of Bantu communities who adopted Luo customs, language, and practices also live in Shirati. Similarly, Shirati has a substantial number of Westerners who work at the mission at Kabwana – translated into "the white people's home" from Luo.


When Shirati was part of German East Africa, the Germans built a fort there, built a sturdy gravel road down to the shore of Lake Victoria where they put in a stone pier, as well as constructing a number of other official buildings.[2]


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