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Coordinates: 29°38′23.07″N 52°31′36.3″E / 29.6397417°N 52.526750°E / 29.6397417; 52.526750

Shiraz University
دانشگاه شيراز
Daneshgah shiraz.jpg
Mottoدارالعلم در دارالعلم
Motto in English
A Dar-al-Elm (University) in a Dar-al-Elm (Former Epithet of Shiraz)
EndowmentUS$ 73.18 million (December 10, 2014)[1]
ChancellorHamid Nadgaran[2]
Academic staff
Studentsaround 21,000[4]
Location, ,
Athletics12 teams
ColorsDark blue and Yellow          

Shiraz University (Persian: دانشگاه شیرازDāneshgāh-e-Shirāz), formerly known as Pahlavi University (دانشگاه پهلوی Dāneshgāh-e Pahlavi), is a public university located in Shiraz, Iran. In the latest ranking of Iranian universities based on scientific output, Shiraz University is listed among the top three research-oriented schools in the nation.[5] In the first report of state universities ranking and among almost 70 universities and higher education institutes, Shiraz University is ranked as level 1.[6]

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) assisted the Iranian government in establishing American-style higher education at the university. The atomic physicist, Gaylord P. Harnwell (president of the University of Pennsylvania from 1953 to 1970), played a central role in this effort.[7] Penn thus became highly influential in shaping many of Pahlavi University's departments and institutions. Shiraz University has the second-biggest campus in Iran. It was initially designed by American architect Minoru Yamasaki,[8] who also designed the World Trade Center.

Shiraz University has pioneered the establishment of doctoral programs in Iran. Presently the university has over 20,000 students, with 200 bachelor's degree programs (B.A., B.Sc.), 300 master's degree programs (M.A., M.Sc.), one professional degree program (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or DVM), and 150 Ph.D. programs.


School of Engineering, Shiraz University
School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Shiraz University
Eram Botanical Garden of Shiraz University

Shiraz University traces its roots to 1946, with the establishment of a technical college aimed at training specialists in the medical sciences with a four-year program.

Initially called the High Institute of Health, it developed into a medical school in 1950. In 1953, the Namazi School of Nursing and the Colleges of Agriculture and Arts and Sciences were established.

With the addition of the College of Engineering and College of Veterinary Medicine in 1954, the school was elevated to university-status and named after the reigning Pahlavi dynasty. Other units that were subsequently added were the Dental School in 1969, the Graduate School and College of Electronics in 1969, Dentistry in 1970 and the Colleges of Law and Education in 1977.

Shiraz University Administration Building

In 1960, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, King of Iran invited University of Pennsylvania president Gaylord Harnwell to come to Iran and examine Iran's higher education institutions. Harnwell prepared a report at the Shah's request, entitled A Pattern for a New University in Iran, and the Shah subsequently decided that Penn would assist the Iranian government in transforming Pahlavi University[9] into the only institution in Iran based on American-style higher education.[10] The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) thus became highly influential in shaping many of Pahlavi University's departments and institutions.[11] Many faculty members from Penn were hence sent to Shiraz to teach and carry out research at the university, and a widespread exchange program was established. The president of the University of Pennsylvania was even awarded an honorary degree in Shiraz in recognition of the help of Penn to Pahlavi University.[12]

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty, drastic changes were implemented at all universities. The name of Pahlavi University was immediately changed to Shiraz University. All universities were closed for three years in a so-called Iran's Cultural Revolution of 1980-1987 to islamize all the universities.

Taq-e Bostan Tree of Life Relief and The Basic Motif for current Seal


The official seal of the Shiraz University serves as the signature and symbol of authenticity on documents issued by the university. Before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, a logo was used as the official logo of Pahlavi University inspired by Persepolis. The logo was inscribed with two words; Wisdom and Effort. However, after the revolution, this logo was also changed.

After the Revolution, the later seal designed by current faculty of Department of Arts, Bahman Feizabi.[13] According to him the basic motif for the new seal was inspired by the tree of life relief in Taq Bostan which is one of the most important motifs in the Sassanian era.


University rankings
Global – Overall
QS World[14]801-1000
THE World[15]801-1000

According to a report by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Iran) published in 2010 and 2011, Shiraz University ranked 6th respectively between 64 and 68 non-medical universities and institutions in Iran. It was also one of top three non-technical and non-medical universities along with the University of Tehran and Tarbiat Modares University in a 2012 ranking.[16] The university is known to be strict and usually the grade point average(GPA) of students in various departments is generally lower than their peers in other universities of Iran.[17] Shiraz University is well known as a tough university with low GPA (Grade Point Average) specially in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering . Even universities like Sharif University of Technology and University of Tehran are not tough to the extent of Shiraz University. That’s why many students of Shiraz University believe their grades do not reflect their academic performance.[18]

According to the 2017 rankings of the best universities given by the Times Higher Education, Shiraz University has been ranked in the top 3 universities in Iran. In 2016 only eight universities from Iran were included in this ranking, whereas in 2017, fourteen universities from Iran were among the top universities rankings. Based on these rankings, Shiraz University became the best comprehensive university in Iran.[19]

In addition, in regard to the 2019 rankings of the best universities given by the Times Higher Education (THE), Shiraz University’s Computer discipline has been ranked in the top 3 universities in Iran. Also, based on the teaching criterion of the ranking in Computer Science, Shiraz University has also achieved first rank in Iran.[20][21]


The first university horse manege was opened at Shiraz University in 2011.[22]

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