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Coordinates: 4°32′S 39°25′E / 4.533°S 39.417°E / -4.533; 39.417The Shirazi are a sub-group of the Swahili people[1] living on the Swahili Coast of East Africa, especially on the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Comoros.[2] Local traditions about their origin claim they are descended from merchant princes from Shiraz in Persia who settled along the Swahili Coast. However, some academics are skeptical of the claimed Persian origin.[3][4] There are several different traditions about the settlement of the Persian merchant-princes in seven towns along the Swahili Coast.[5]

Like the rest of the Swahili people, the Shirazi speak the Swahili language and practice Sunni Islam and Shia Islam.[6]

Several ruins of settlements in Tanzania are attributed to the settlements of the Shirazi era, including the Tongoni and Kaole Ruins, as well as those found on Tumbatu and Pemba islands.

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