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Shire of Moyne
Australia Victoria Moyne Shire.svg
Location in Victoria
Population16,887 (2018)[1]
 • Density3.0810/km2 (7.9798/sq mi)
Gazetted23 September 1994[2]
Area5,481 km2 (2,116.2 sq mi)[1]
MayorCr Mick Wolfe
Council seatPort Fairy
RegionBarwon South West
State electorate(s)
Federal Division(s)Wannon
WebsiteShire of Moyne
LGAs around Shire of Moyne:
Glenelg Southern Grampians Ararat
Glenelg Shire of Moyne Corangamite
Southern Ocean Warrnambool Southern Ocean

The Shire of Moyne is a local government area in the Barwon South West region of Victoria, Australia, located in the south-western part of the state. It covers an area of 5,481 square kilometres (2,116 sq mi) and in June 2018 had a population of 16,887.[1] It includes the towns of Port Fairy, Koroit, Mortlake, Macarthur, Peterborough, Caramut, Ellerslie, Framlingham, Garvoc, Hawkesdale, Kirkstall, Panmure, Mailors Flat, Purnim, Wangoom and Woolsthorpe. It also entirely surrounds the City of Warrnambool, a separate local government area. It was formed in 1994 from the amalgamation of the Shire of Belfast, Shire of Minhamite, Borough of Port Fairy, and parts of the Shire of Mortlake, Shire of Warrnambool, Shire of Dundas, Shire of Mount Rouse and Shire of Hampden.[2]

The Shire is governed and administered by the Moyne Shire Council; its seat of local government and administrative centre is located at the council headquarters in Port Fairy, it also has service centres located in Macarthur and Mortlake. The Shire is named after the Moyne River, a major geographical feature that meanders through the LGA.

The industry base for the area includes: Dairy, beef cattle, sheep, vegetable production, manufacturing, quarrying, food products, pharmaceuticals, seafood), tourism.

Traditional ownership[edit]

The formally recognised traditional owners for the area in which the Shire of Moyne sits are the Eastern Maar peoples and Gunditjmara people,[3] who are represented by the Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation (EMAC)[4] and the Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (GMTOAC).[5]


Current composition[edit]

The council is composed of seven councillors elected to represent an unsubdivided municipality.[6]

Ward Councillor Notes
Unsubdivided   Jim Doukas
  Daniel Meade
  Jordan Lockett Deputy Mayor
  Colin Ryan
  Jill Parker
  Ian Smith
  Mick Wolfe Mayor

Administration and governance[edit]

The council meets in the council chambers at the council headquarters in the Port Fairy Municipal Offices, which is also the location of the council's administrative activities. It also provides customer services at both its administrative centre in Port Fairy, and its service centres in Macarthur and Mortlake.

Main towns in shire[edit]

In June 2018 the shire had a population of 16,887.[1]

Locality Total
Allansford 1,521
Bessiebelle 98
Broadwater 98
Bushfield 571
Caramut 246
Codrington 52
Crossley 215
Cudgee 238
Curdievale 124
Darlington 107
Dennington 1,907
Dundonnell 46
Locality Total
Ellerslie 147
Framlingham 158
Garvoc 243
Grassmere 402
Hawkesdale 322
Hexham 143
Illowa 304
Killarney 205
Kirkstall 366
Kolora 142
Koroit 2,055
Laang 100
Locality Total
Macarthur 552
Mailors Flat 425
Mepunga 47
Mortlake 1,372
Naringal 120
Noorat 333
Nullawarre 267
Orford 105
Panmure 424
Peterborough 247
Port Fairy 3,340
Purnim 270
Locality Total
Rosebrook 132
Southern Cross 117
Terang 2,288
The Sisters 141
Wallacedale 113
Wangoom 226
Warrong 72
Winslow 368
Woodford 361
Woolsthorpe 422
Woorndoo 169
Yambuk 267

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