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The Shirke are a Maratha clan, found largely in Maharashtra and bordering states of India.


The Shirkes ruled in the areas of Konkan and some western Maharashtra areas. The Shirkes principality or Kingdom was known as Shirkan.Feudal Adilshahi Jahagirdar of Konkan, located near Shrigarpur. The Shirkes intermarried with the Surves and kept command over their regions. Chhatrapati Shivaji conquered Surves and Shirkes and they joined Hindavi Swarajya. Meanwhile, Some Shirkes also served Nizamshahi Sultanates. The Shirkes' records shows that they held[when?] 237 Villages as deshmukh or sardeshmukhs.

The Shirkes were relatives of Shahaji Shivaji, Sambhaji, Rajaram and other Chhatrapatis of Satara and Kolhapur.[citation needed] Despite these ties to the Maratha kings, the Shirke came into conflict with the second Maratha chhatrapati, Sambhaji, and reported his positions to his Moghul enemies, leading to his capture and killing.[1]

The Shirkes are part of Baroda, Gwalior, Nagpur, Satara, Kolhapur and other prominent Maratha principalities. The Shirkes were part of numerous battles of Maratha history including battles fought under Chhatrapati Shivajis leadership such as Surat plunder war, then Maratha freedom fight, battles of Peshwai like Battle of Panipat (1761), Battle of Kharda (1795). Many forts in the district of Satara like Bhairavgad, Vasota and rest in the Konkan have shirkes command over them which lapsed to the British empire in 1818.[2][verification needed]


Abhang, Andhak, Abhud, Asawale, Kasale, Kalyankar, Kathavde, Kirandate, Kolare, Kans, Kautuke, Khilate, Gabde, Dhobe, Tanvde, Tade, Taptraye, Dumge, Dungre, Bagwan, Valunjkar, Bhorawkar, Bhokle, Bhojke, Lamale, Veense, Veerdatta, Sinwar, Shivale,Thite,Padwal, Honmane, Hause,shilke, Saikar, Dudhane, Khatav, Kadam.[citation needed]

In other provinces[edit]


The Shirke were part of Maratha community present in Baroda and regions nearby. They established themselves there along with the Maratha 96k clans due to formation of Maratha Kingdom under the Gaikwad Sardar. Sardar Burhanji Shirke was pioneer to settle in the Baroda was faithful of Peshwa.[citation needed] There exist a 'Shri Kulswamini Shirkaidevi seva mandal' at Vadodara which is a Maratha community run by the local 'Shirkes' headed by Kishorchandra B. Rajeshirke. There is also a Shirkaidevi Temple at Pilol village located 14 km from Vadodara.

Tamil Nadu[edit]

They were relatives of King Venkoji Bhosale and his sardars. Many of them were returned to Maharashtra along with other Maratha clans. They still have a minor presence in the state of Tamil Nadu.[citation needed]


There were some Maratha clans for the sake of Maratha Empire expansion dwelled in Karnataka along with Shirke and the majority of them now resides in Maharashtra Karnataka Border disputed area.[citation needed]

Madhya Pradesh[edit]

As there is Gwalior and Dewas states of Maratha, there is a population of Maratha clans and Shirke is a prominent part of it.[citation needed]

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