Shirley Adams

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Shirley Adams
Directed by Oliver Hermanus
Produced by DV8 Films
Screenplay by Oliver Hermanus, Stavros Pamballis
Starring Denise Newman, Keenan Arrison, Emily Child, Lee-Ann Van Rooi
Music by Philip Miller
Cinematography Jamie Ramsay
Edited by Garreth Fradgley
Release dates
Running time
Country South Africa

Shirley Adams is a 2009 film directed and written by South African filmmaker Oliver Hermanus.


In a Cape Town slum, Shirley Adams spends her days taking care of her disabled son Donovan, caught by a stray bullet in crossfire between two gangs. Having been left by her husband, the woman can barely make ends meet after seeing all of her possessions disappear. With no means of support, Shirley finds herself forced to survive on handouts and by occasional shoplifting at the supermarket. When a young therapist comes into their lives, Shirley grasps the hope that her son may recover his emotional well-being.


  • Durban 2009
  • Amiens 2009