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Shirley Frimpong-Manso (born 1977) is a Ghanaian film director, writer, and producer. She is the founder and CEO of Sparrow Productions, a film, television and advertising production company.[1] She won Best Director at the 6th Africa Movie Academy Awards. Frimpong-Manso is also a principal of Sparrow Station, a video streaming service for African entertainment from Sparrow and other African film producers.[2] In 2013, she was ranked the 48th most influential person in Ghana according to Ghana.[3]

Frimpong-Manso is described as one who "seeks to raise the standard of film production in Ghana and Africa by telling progressive African stories as seen through the eyes of Africans."[1] Her films are also known for their "fierce female leads,"[4] as they portray African women with agency who can be breadwinners and lead complex lives.[4][5]


Frimpong-Manso is from the Eastern Region of Ghana, from Kwahu Pepease. As a child she organized plays, which "felt a lot more fun than playing with sand and dolls."[1] She graduated in 2000 from the National Film and Television Institute of Ghana and worked as a presenter at Radio Gold, a private station in Accra, and then went on to start Sparrow Productions in 2003.[1]


With producer and actress Juliet Asante, Frimpong-Manso helped produce the TV show Heart to Heart for two years shortly after school. She has also produced:[1]

  • Different Shades of Blue - a television series about five university girls who share a dormitory in a university hostel.
  • Personalities Kitchen - a cooking program that hosts two personalities and challenges them to a rice meal of their choice.
  • The Miss Ghana Pageant - she produced two semifinalists at the Miss World event within five years during her time.


  • The Perfect Picture (2009): the story of the lives and loves of several Ghanaian women friends,[6][7] focusing on marriage and societal norms of Ghana that are not represented in Western film.[8] Frimpong-Manso won Best Director for The Perfect Picture at the 2010 African Movie Academy Awards, where her films garnered a total of four awards.
  • A Sting in a Tale (2009): "A cautionary tale about two Ghanaian men scrabbling to find jobs."[9] It won an Audience Favorite award at the 2010 Pan African Film & Arts Festival
  • Life and Living It (2009): The stories of four male friends: a musician, a dancer, a doctor, and an advertising manager.[10] "Major themes include love, friendship, and family."[11]
  • Scorned
  • Check Mate
  • Six Hours to Christmas: A tale of a creative director whose life was overturned when he was tempted to stray on Christmas Eve.[12]
  • Adams Apples: a 10-part serial released during one year starting in April 2011. It follows the lives of four women (a mother and three adult children) in modern Ghana.[13][14][15]
  • Potomanto (2013): About "an emotionally sore private investigator who mistakenly stumbles on a case of organ harvesting."[16]
  • Contract: A successful businessman who desires to avoid marital responsibility contracts with a woman to bear his child.
  • Devil in the Detail (2014)
  • Love or Something Like That (2014)
  • V-Republic (2014)
  • Grey Dawn (2015)


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