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Shirley Gee (Born: 25 April 1932, London, England) (Died: 22 November 2016, London, England) was a British playwright.


She married actor Donald Gee on 30 January 1965; They have two sons; Joby (born in 1966) and Daniel (1968) and six grandchildren (in age order); Barney, Elliot, Harvey, Maisy, Ethan and Hal. She lived in Chelsea from 1965 to 2009. She then lived in Putney, London with her husband, until her passing.


Never In My Lifetime won the Samuel Beckett Award, 1985 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, and the 1983 BBC Giles Cooper Award.

She also won the 1979 BBC Giles Cooper Award, for Typhoid Mary.




Radio Plays[edit]

  • Stones, 1974;
  • The Vet's Daughter, adapted from the novel by Barbara Comyns, 1976;
  • Moonshine, 1977;
  • Typhoid Mary, 1979;[3][4]
  • Bedrock, 1979;
  • Men on White Horses, adapted from the novel by Pamela Haines,1981;
  • Our Regiment, a documentary, 1982;
  • Never in My Lifetime, 1983;
  • Against the Wind, 1988, based on the life of Hannah Snell.


  • Long Live the Babe, 1984,
  • Flights, 1985.


The continuing brutality of the conflict between the English and the Irish is captured with empathetic awareness in Shirley Gee's Never in My Lifetime. The play, winner of the 1984 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, is having its American premiere here by the Hartman Theater Company. As expected, there are no villains or martyrs in this war-torn stretch of Northern Ireland. Everyone becomes his brother's enemy.... Ms. Gee's work is distinguished by a certain naturalness and lyricism. We believe in the attachment between this young couple and we hope - without encouragement - that their life might be different, even as the two of them are manipulated by loyalties of family, friendship and country.[5]


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