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Shirley Wong
FayeWong ShirleyWong.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 2, 1989 (1989-11-02)
LabelCinepoly Records Ltd.
Faye Wong chronology
Shirley Wong

Shirley Wong is a 1989 album recorded by Chinese Cantopop singer Faye Wong when she was based in Hong Kong, then using the stage name Shirley Wong. This is her debut album with Cinepoly.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. 無奈那天 (Mou Noi Naa Tin) - However That Day
  2. 藉口 (Ze Hau) - Excuses
  3. 有緣的話 (Jau Jyun Dik Waa) - If Destined
  4. 溫柔的手 (Wan Jau Dik Sau) - Delicate Hands
  5. 尾班車 (Mei Baan Ce) - Last Train
  6. 未平復的心 (Mei Ping Fuk Dik Sam) - The Unsettled Heart
    <Duet with Paul Wong>
  7. 仍是舊句子 (Jing Si Gau Geoi Zi) - Still The same Old Phrase
  8. 中間人 (Zung Gaan Jan) - Torn Between Two Lovers
  9. 愛聽謊言 (Oi Ting Fong Jin) - Like Listening To Lies
  10. 新生 (San Sang) - New Life


  1. ^ Stan Jeffries Encyclopedia of world pop music, 1980-2001 2003 p224 "When Wong was sixteen her debut album, Miss Charming, was released to little notice. Within twelve months another two albums were on the market, but again the public showed little interest in the young singer's unchallenging pop music. ... Her first album for the new company, Shirley Wong, released in November 2, 1989, featured synthesized pop dealing with love and loss. Within a year she released two other albums, Everything (June 1990) and You 're the Only One (December 1990), focusing on similar material. Thereafter Wong, disappointed at the lack of interest her music was creating, moved to New York"