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Shirt stays are elastic straps that connect the bottom of a dress shirt to the socks or feet.[1] There are two main varieties: those that loop around the foot and those that clip onto the sock. All varieties have two clips at the top, one for the front and one for the back of the shirt. They are often used in military dress uniforms to prevent the shirt from untucking during the course of the day. However, many Law Enforcement, sports officials and professional business and sales people wear them.

One of the biggest problems with the shirt stays is that they come off. For this problem there are solutions in the form of belts that go around your waist, inside your pants. Some are made of rubber and work by friction to keep the shirt from sliding up. There is at least one style that has molded hooks that grips the material of the shirt and the pants keeping the shirt tails tucked.

At present most manufacturing of shirt stays is done in China and the United States.[citation needed]


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