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For the historical region, see Shirvan.
For the district in Turkey, see Şirvan, Turkey.
"Əli Bayramlı", "Ali Bairamly", and other variations redirect here; for other places with that name, see Əli Bayramlı (disambiguation).

Coordinates: 39°55′55″N 48°55′13″E / 39.93194°N 48.92028°E / 39.93194; 48.92028

Official seal of Şirvan
Şirvan is located in Azerbaijan
Location of Şirvan
Coordinates: 39°55′55″N 48°55′13″E / 39.93194°N 48.92028°E / 39.93194; 48.92028
Country  Azerbaijan
City Shirvan
 • Mayor Mardan Jamalov
 • Total 72.7 km2 (28.1 sq mi)
Elevation[1] 12 m (42 ft)
Population (2010)[2]
 • Total 81,200
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)
Area code(s) +994 2121
Website http://www.shirvan-ih.gov.az

Şirvan (transliterated, Shirvan) is a city in Azerbaijan, located on the Kura River. The city forms one of the administrative divisions of Azerbaijan.


The city originated in the 19th century as the Russian resettlement village Zubovka, named in honor of Valerian Zubov, while it was known locally as Qarachukhar.[3] Throughout the history, Şirvan changed its name a few times. The city was called Zubovka prior to 1938, then was renamed Ali Bayramli from 1938 to 2008.[4]

The city was renamed to 'Şirvan' by the decision of the Parliament of Azerbaijan on April 25, 2008.[5][6] 'Shirvan' appears to be derived from Shīr (Persian: شیر‎, 'Lion').[7]

Throughout its history, Şirvan has suffered from floods because of its proximity to the river and the relatively low elevation of most of the town.[8]



The summer months are typically dry and very hot due to Şirvan's semi-desert climate. The temperature can rise to 44 °C often resulting in moderate drought conditions. In contrast, winter is cool but not severe, rarely going below -6 °C.[9]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The municipality of Şirvan consists of the city of Şirvan and the municipalities of Bayramly, Chilpagly and Haji Gahramanly.[10] The mayor, presently Mardan Jamalov, embodies the executive power of the city.[11]






Public transport[edit]

Şirvan has a large urban transport system, mostly managed by the Ministry of Transportation.


Notable residents[edit]

The city's residents include: historian Farida Mammadova, footballer Samadagha Shikhlarov and dancer Oksana Rasulova.

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