Fariburz II

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Fariburz II
Shah of Shirvan
Copper fulus of Shirvanshah II Fariburz.jpg
Copper fulus of II Fariburz. Museum of History of Azerbaijan, Baku
Reign 1200 - 1204
Coronation 1200
Predecessor Shirvanshah Shahanshah
Successor Shirvanshah Farrukhzad I
Born ?
Died 1204
Full name
Fariburz b. Afridun
House House of Shirvanshah
Father Shirvanshah Afridun II

Jalaladdunya Fariburz II was the 23rd Shirvanshah.


Information about his reign does not exist. However coins minted on his name was found along with name of Caliph al-Nasir. Inscriptions on coins mentions his name as "al-Malik al-Adil Jalal-ad Dunya wal-Din Fariburz b. Afridun b. Manuchehr, Shirvanshah". These sumptuous titles gives hint that Shirvanshah was independent during Seljuq-Eldiguzid wars.[1] He reigned after his uncle Shirvanshah Shahanshah, until 1204. He was succeed by another uncle Shirvanshah Farrukhzad I. His issues are not mentioned anywhere.



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Fariburz II
Born:  ? Died: 1204
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shirvanshah Shahanshah
1200 - 1204
Succeeded by
Shirvanshah Farrukhzad I