Kavus I

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Kavus I
Shah of Shirvan
Reign 1348 - 1372
Coronation 1348
Predecessor Shirvanshah Keykubad I
Successor Shirvanshah Hushang
Born ?
Died 1372
Issue Prince Noder
Shirvanshah Hushang
House House of Shirvanshah
Father Shirvanshah Keykubad I

Kavus was the 32nd ruler of Shirvan. He was a son of Shirvanshah Keykubad I and older brother of Prince Sultan Muhammad.


According to sources he began ruling in name of his father in 1348. Keykubad was very old and unable to rule the country.[1] He was styled as "Lord of Shamakhy and Shirvan" in youth. He sought to gain strong alliance with Chupanid Malek Ashraf, as he travelled to his court and submitted to him. But Malek Ashraf unexpectedly kills a nobleman named amir Wafa b. Haji Shahriban in front of his eyes. Kavus was horrified and went directly back to Shirvan.[2] Malek Ashraf sends his envoys Khawja Abdulhay and Akhijuq Malik to Shirvan and expresses his desire to marry a daughter of Shirvanshah Keykubad I. Kavus denies the demand and asks why he wants to honor by this marriage. Frustrated because of denial Malek marched on Shirvan but had no success and forced to make peace. He attacked to Shirvan in winter of 1347 again, but Kavus and his father finds shelter in well guarded castles of Shirvan. After this invasion sources stop to mention Shirvanshah Keykubad I which means he was probably died of old age between 1348 and 1356.

Sole reign[edit]

After death of his father he forged an alliance with Golden Horde khan Jani Beg and invited him to Azerbaijan. Aided by Shirvanshahs, Golden Horde army captured Tabriz. Malek Ashraf was executed by Jani Beg on demands of Kavus for the joy of local populace in 1357.[3] Kavus sent his troops under his son Prince Noder to fight Chupanid remnants led by Akhijuq Malik, who defeated them two times.

Relations with Jalayirids[edit]

His relationship with Shaikh Uways was complicated as he was submitted to him at first but rebelled against in him 1364. After 4 years of resistance he was imprisoned and was taken to Tabriz. After 3 months of imprisonment he was pardoned and released in return of fealty.

Death and legacy[edit]

He was a patron of arts, science. Poet from Ardabil - Arif Ardabili lived in his palace and was a tutor for next Shirvanshah Hushang. Kavus died in 1372, because of old age.


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Kavus I
Born:  ? Died: 1372
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shirvanshah Keykubad I
1348 - 1372
Succeeded by
Shirvanshah Hushang