Shirvanshahs’ bath houses

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Shirvanshahs’ bath houses
Ichery-Sheher 01.JPG
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Beginning date 15th century

Palatial bath houses of the Shirvanshahs – are dated back to the 15th century and are a part of Shirvanshahs’ Palace Complex. It is located in the eastern part of a lower yard.[1]


The bath house is deeply located, which is typical of bath-houses of whole the Absheron peninsula. Only cupolas were risen above the ground. The most biggest premises were covered with cupolas. Necessary temperature of various premises had been tried to keep by an internal planning depending on their assignment.

Remains of cupolas and arched coverings are evidence of the highest standards of architecture. Reasoning of organization of the internal space and properly found correlation of dimensions of the premises should be especially mentioned.


Coordinates: 40°21′58″N 49°50′00″E / 40.36611°N 49.83333°E / 40.36611; 49.83333