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Shisen-Sho computer game, running on KDE 4.0.5

Shisen-Sho (四川省, Shisenshō; "Sichuan Province"), sometimes referred to as 'Shisen', 'Four Rivers' or simply 'Rivers,' is a Japanese tile-based game which uses Mahjong tiles, and is similar to Mahjong solitaire. The objective of the game is to match similar tiles in pairs until every tile has been removed from the playing field. Numerous computer based versions of the game have been developed.


Player choose a pair of identical tiles to connect, and the connection path must not exceed two turns. If the requirements are met, two tiles will be eliminated. The player's task is to eliminate all the tiles on the board. The game is over if future moves are not possible and tiles are left on the board, or the player successfully removes all the tiles.[1]

Since there is only one of each flower and season mahjong tiles, flowers are normally matched with each other, and seasons are normally matched with each other.[2]

List of Shishen-Sho video games[edit]

List of Shishen-Sho of video games
Name Year Platform(s) Adult
Dragon Punch 1989 Arcade Yes
Sports Match 1989 Arcade No
Shisen-Sho: Joshiryo-hen/Match It 1989 Arcade Yes (Japanese version only)
Shisen-Sho 1990 MS-DOS No
Lin Wu's Challenge 1990 Amiga OCS, Atari ST No
1991 MS-DOS No
Shisen-Sho - Match-Mania 1990 Game Boy No
Shisen-Sho II 1992 MS-DOS No
Shisen-Sho II/Match It II 1993 Arcade Yes
Shisen-Sho 2000 1997 Windows No
Super Shisen-Sho 2001 2001 Windows No
KAWAI连连看2 2002 Windows No
KAWAI连连看2003 2003 Windows No
KAWAI连连看2004 2004 Windows No
KAWAI连连看2005 2005 Windows No
Shisen Sho Mahjong Connect 2018 Android, iOS No
Shisensho Solitaire 2019 Windows No
Shisen-Sho Nikakudori 2020 Nintendo Switch No
Pretty Girls Rivers 2021 Windows Yes


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