Shishibu Station

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Shishibu Station
JRKyushu Shishibu station01.jpg
West gate
Prefecture Fukuoka
(See other stations in Fukuoka)
City Koga
Opened 2009
Rail services
Operator(s) JR Kyushu
Line(s) Kagoshima Main Line

Shishibu Station (ししぶ駅 Shishibu-eki?) is a railway station on the Kagoshima Main Line operated by Kyushu Railway Company in Koga, Fukuoka, Japan. The station opened on March 14, 2009.[1]

The name of the station was officially announced by JR Kyushu on September 24, 2008.[2] Until then, the station was provisionally called Shishibu Station but was written in kanji as "鹿部駅".


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Coordinates: 33°43′18″N 130°27′30″E / 33.721744°N 130.458297°E / 33.721744; 130.458297