Shitai County

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Coordinates: 30°12′37″N 117°29′11″E / 30.2103°N 117.4863°E / 30.2103; 117.4863Coordinates: 30°12′37″N 117°29′11″E / 30.2103°N 117.4863°E / 30.2103; 117.4863
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityChizhou
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)

Shitai County (simplified Chinese: 石台县; traditional Chinese: 石台縣; pinyin: Shítái Xiàn) is a county in the south of Anhui Province, People's Republic of China, under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-level city of Chizhou. It has population of 110,000[when?] and an area of 1,403 km2 (542 sq mi). The government of Shitai County is located in Qili Town. Shitai County is a producer of silk and tea leaves.

The well-known "Guniujiang" National Nature Reserve is located on the border between Shitai county and Qimen county. It is said that the "Guniujiang" has the last piece of original forest in East China.[who?]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Shitai County has jurisdiction over five towns and ten townships.