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Origin Glasgow, Scotland
Genres New rave, dance-rock, electronic rock
Years active 2003-2009
Labels Fierce Panda Records (UK)
Sony Music (Japan)
Dim Mak (U.S.)
Nocturne (France)
Website Official Website
Myspace page
Members Joel Stone
Joe Reeves
Darren Cullen
Tom Straughan
Past members Jan Lee

Shitdisco were a dance-punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. They were formed in 2003 while studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Their first single "Disco Blood"/"I Know Kung Fu" was released in December 2005. They are signed to record label Fierce Panda. Shitdisco released their debut album Kingdom of Fear on 16 April 2007.

The group have been compared to Talking Heads and The Rapture, but admit influences ranging from Donna Summer, Arthur Russel and The Prodigy to Gang of Four and The Clash.[citation needed] Since the release of "Disco Blood"/"I Know Kung Fu" the band has toured extensively in the UK and Europe, even playing as far afield as Bangkok and Istanbul. In 2007 they signed to Sony Music in Japan and Dim Mak Records in America.

The members of the group produced two tracks for Japanese new-wave unit 80_pan's 2008 album, "Disco Baby".

In 2009, they split up[1] after mutual agreement. The members went on to form the bands Age of Consent and Ubre Blanca, while drummer Darren Cullen (artist) has pursued a career in political art.


  • Joel Stone — bass, guitar, vocals
  • Joe Reeves — bass, guitar, vocals
  • Darren Cullen — drums
  • Tom Straughan — keyboards, backing vocals

Former members[edit]

Jan Lee left the band in January 2008 to concentrate on his career as an illustrator.


The band began recording their debut album, Kingdom of Fear at The Premises recording studio in London with former Clor guitarist turned producer Luke Smith. He had previously worked with the band producing remixes for "Disco Blood" & "Reactor Party". The album was to be recorded in two sessions, with the 2nd session taking place after the band had completed the NME New Rave Tour (Oct 2006) supporting Klaxons. During the tour however, after a gig in Birmingham, drummer Darren Cullen fell from the roof of the band's tour bus, breaking his right wrist, requiring an operation & the fitting of a metal plate. For the second recording session Kieron Pepper, live drummer for The Prodigy was brought in to play on two tracks, "Fear of the Future" and "Dream of Infinity".

Kingdom of Fear, named after the last book by American writer Hunter S. Thompson was released on 16 April 2007 on Fierce Panda Records.

The album also featured the song Reactor Party which was produced by Alan O'Connell.

DJ career[edit]

In addition to live performances, the band have become well known for their regular DJ sets, playing from the likes of Bugged Out, Gatecrasher & Modular parties in the UK to Judgement Sundays in Ibiza, a recent North American DJ tour and extensively in the Far East.





  • "Disco Blood" - On Delete Yourself compilation Digital Penetration (July 2006)
  • "Reactor Party" - On The Bang Gang DJs "Light Sound Dance" - Modular Records (July 2007)
  • "Reactor Party" - On Ibiza Rocks 2007 - Ministry of Sound (Aug 2007)
  • "Reactor Party" - On Neon Nights Mixtape - DMC (June 2007)

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