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Shiva Shidapu are Erez Eizen (Israel) and Jörg Kessler aka DJ Jörg (Germany), a goa trance project.[1]

The original name of the group should have been that of their second album "ShivaSidpao" but there was a misunderstanding over a long distance telephone conversation between Tibet and Germany, which ended up registering the group's name as Shiva Shidapu. After a few releases with the name, it was too late to change it for the second album. Therefore, the releases after the second album kept using the name Shiva Shidapu, or Shidapu, while this name did not appear anywhere in the second album. These circumstances have been confirmed by Jörg Kessler himself during a talk at Kumharas (Ibiza) in 1999.

In this album there is also the explanation of the name's meaning: Shiva – Hindu god of destruction and reconstruction. Sidpao – astrological Tibetan calendar

Among other tools, Shiva Shidapu used Impulse Tracker to create their music. The tune "Power of Celtic" from their album "Shiva Space Technology" can be downloaded in Impulse Tracker format at ModLand.



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