Shivaji II

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Chhatrapati Of Maratha Empire
Reign 1700-1707
1710-1714 (Kolhapur State)
Predecessor Rajaram Chhatrapati
Successor Chhatrapati Shahu
Sambhaji II (Kolhapur State)
Born June 09, 1696
Died March 04, 1726
Raigad Fort
Issue Rajaram II of Satara
Full name
Shivaji II Bhonsle
House Bhonsle
Father Rajaram Chhatrapati
Mother Tarabai
Religion Hinduism

Shivaji II or Shiva Rajaram (June 09, 1696 – March 04, 1726) was son of Maratha ruler Chhattrapati Rajaram and his wife Tarabai. Upon the death of his father, the infant Shivaji was installed as the Chhatrapati of the Maratha Empire with his mother Tarabai serving as the regent in 1700. His cousin, Chhattrapati Shahu upon his release from the Mughals in 1707 successfully challenged Tarabai to become the next Chhatrapati.[1] Tarabai then set up a rival court in Kolhapur. Shivaji II served as Raja of Kolhapur from 1710 to 1714. At that time, he was once again deposed by his step-mother Rajasbai who installed her own son, Sambhaji II on the Kolhapur throne. Shivaji II posthumously became father of a son, later called Rajaram II of Satara who was brought up in obscurity for his own protection. When Shahu, without a male heir to succeed to his throne, wanted to adopt a son, Tarabai disclosed this fact to him in late 1740s. Shahu adopted Rajaram II who succeeded Shahu as the Chhatrapati following Shahu's death.


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Preceded by
Chhattrapati Rajaram

Chhatrapati of the
Maratha Empire

Succeeded by
Chhattrapati Shahu
Preceded by
Raja of

Succeeded by
Sambhaji II