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Shivalika animation movie.jpg
Poster for "Shivalika"
Directed by
Produced by Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
Written by Biman Sengupta
Screenplay by Biman Sengupta
Story by Biman Sengupta & Bhagabat Kar
Music by
  • Vighnanz
  • Milind Sagar
Cinematography Biman Sengupta
Edited by Ashok Sharma
  • 3D Wizards Pvt Ltd.
  • Eastern Media Ltd.
Running time
95 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Shivalika is the first 3D animation movie from Odisha, India. Production began in 2010 and completed in January, 2013. The film stars young actors Aman Siddiqui (Bhootnath) and Sparsh Khanchandani (Parvarrish).


This story is about a small boy named Nadu (Aman Siddiqui) who lost his parents several years earlier due to an evil spirit. When the same spirit again attacks and kidnapped his grandmother (Smita Jaykar), he sets off into the jungle to find her and along the way encounters a mysterious place called Shivalika. There he meets many magical creatures which change his view point towards wild animals. He also learns that it's our duty to protect wild animals... especially the endangered ones, like tigers. In the process he turns out to be a courageous prodigy, and eventually confronts that evil spirit to save his grandmother's life.


3D Wizards Pvt. Ltd., in Association with Eastern Media

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