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Shivalinga 2017.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byP. Vasu
Produced byR. Ravindran
Written byP. Vasu
Based onShivalinga
By P. Vasu
StarringRaghava Lawrence
Ritika Singh
Shakthi Vasudevan
Radha Ravi
Music byS. S. Thaman
CinematographySarvesh Murari
Edited bySuresh Urs
Trident Arts
Distributed byAcross Films (Tamil),
Abishek Pictures (Telugu)
Release date
14 April 2017
Running time
156 minutes

Shivalinga is a 2017 Tamil mystery horror comedy film directed by P. Vasu, starring Raghava Lawrence and Ritika Singh in the leading roles. A remake of Vasu's earlier 2016 Kannada film of the same name, the project began production in July 2016.[1][2] . It was dubbed in Hindi as Kanchana Returns.[3]


Raheem (Shakthi Vasudevan) and his well-trained pigeon Saara are alone in a coach aboard a train when a blind man enters and reaches an open door. Raheem saves the man, but the man turns out to be an assassin and throws Raheem off the moving train to his death. Raheem's death is ruled a suicide, but Raheem's fiancée Sangeetha (Saara Deva) knows that Raheem had no reason to kill himself. The same night, Raheem appears in Sangeetha's dream and says that he was murdered. The following day, Raheem's case is forwarded to the CBCID at Sangeetha's request.

Shivalingeshwaran aka Shivalingesh (Raghava Lawrence) is a strict CID officer who is married to a thrill-seeker named Sathya (Ritika Singh). The two live in a house that is near a cemetery. Shiva is assigned to Raheem's case and begins the investigation. The same night, Sathya sees a ghost of a child, and is frightened by this. However, Shivalingesh cannot see the ghost and thinks that Sathya is imagining it. Then he appoints Pattukunjam (Vadivelu), a thief who comes to that house as a servant and night watchman. The following day, Shivalingesh visits Raheem's home to investigate Raheem's relationship with his father and with Sangeetha. Shivalingesh suspects Sangeetha's father Krishnamoorthy (Radha Ravi) is responsible for Raheem's death as he disapproved Raheem & Sangeetha's love, only to find out that he has nothing to do with Raheem's death.

Sathya's behavior becomes erratic. She travels around the city in search of someone and she's redecorated the house with green curtains and lights, and she has cooked Biriyani, even though she has no experience in cooking. Pattukunjam and a few other maids inform Shivalingesh about Sathya's strange behavior. Shivalingesh meets his friend and psychiatrist, Ashok who advises Shivalingesh to observe her behavior secretly. That night, Shivalingesh returns home early. He hears a man's voice and smells a cigar burning. He heads to Sathya's room and is shocked to discover that Raheem's soul has possessed Sathya's body. Raheem warns Shivalingesh, that he must solve Raheem's murder.

Shivalingesh accesses the security footage at the railway station and discovers that a person, who was acting as a blind man is the killer. Shivalingesh tracks down the killer and chases him, finally cornering him on a train coach with no passengers. Sathya, who is still possessed by Raheem, enters and demands to know why the man killed him. The man tries to escape by jumping out of the moving train, but falls to his death. Shivalingesh takes Sathya to a Darga, informing only Sathya's mother Sarala (Bhanupriya) about what has been happening. Baba (Pradeep Rawat) helps them to exorcise Raheem's soul out, but only temporarily. He tells Shivalingesh that solving Raheem's case is the only solution for saving Sathya.

Shivalingesh starts the investigation piece by piece, and Raheem's pigeon Saara helps Shivalingesh by giving clues. Shivalingesh interrogates Sathya at the CID Conference Hall about Raheem. It is then revealed that Raheem recovered Sathya's stolen iPad and returned it to her. Raheem refuses to even tell his name, so Sathya clicks a picture of him for the sake of his noble gesture. Sathya's stalker college mate sees this and feels jealous. So he makes a call to Sathya's residential landline and when her father Viswanathan (Jayaprakash) answers, he purposefully plants wrong information that Sathya and Raheem are planning to elope and marry. Hearing this, Viswanathan hires David, an assassin to injure and cripple Raheem.

After unveiling the truth about the mistaken identity, the ghost of Raheem possesses Sathya and threatens everyone present in the hall. Sathya's father begs for his forgiveness and tells that he intended to only harm Raheem, not to kill him. Shivalingesh also begs Raheem to leave Sathya's body and asks Raheem to possess him instead, promising to show the killer. Then, it is revealed that a pigeon race organizer (Zakir Hussain), came to know about David's assignment to injure Raheem and paid David more money to kill him, since Raheem and Saara are his nemesis in the pigeon race and the duo wins every single game. The organizer is insulted by his friends for his incapability. The possessed Shivalingesh kills all the henchmen, while allowing Raheem to exit his body and possess and kill the pigeon race organiser. In the end credits, Shivalingesh and a pregnant Sathya get reunited.



Following the success of P. Vasu's Kannada horror film, Shivalinga (2016), the filmmaker chose to remake the project in Tamil. Vasu initially tried to market the project as Chandramukhi 2, as a spiritual sequel to Chandramukhi (2005), and approached Rajinikanth to portray the lead role.[4] However, the actor did not accept to work on the project, while reports suggested that Vasu may approach Ajith Kumar for the film.[5] In March 2016, Raghava Lawrence accepted to work on the film, while Vadivelu was also signed on to appear in a role thereafter. After negotiations with Anushka Shetty and Hansika Motwani, Vasu chose to sign on Ritika Singh for the female lead role. Vasu's son, Shakthi was also added to the cast to reprise the role he had portrayed in the original version. Shakthi revealed that his character would have more prominence in the Tamil version, in comparison with the Kannada version.[6]

The film was launched in a ceremony during mid July 2016, with Radharavi, Bhanupriya and Urvashi revealed to be a part of the cast.[7] The film's first schedule was completed in Chennai during August 2016.[8]


The Hindustan Times gave the move a 2 out of 5 star review.[9]


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