Shivasatakshi Municipality

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Shivasatakshi Municipality
शिवसताक्षी नगरपालिका
Shivasatakshi Municipality is located in Province No. 1
Shivasatakshi Municipality
Shivasatakshi Municipality
Location in Province No. 1
Shivasatakshi Municipality is located in Nepal
Shivasatakshi Municipality
Shivasatakshi Municipality
Shivasatakshi Municipality (Nepal)
Coordinates (Shivasatakshi): 26°36′55″N 87°50′07″E / 26.61528°N 87.83528°E / 26.61528; 87.83528Coordinates: 26°36′55″N 87°50′07″E / 26.61528°N 87.83528°E / 26.61528; 87.83528
Country    Nepal
Regions Eastern
Zone Mechi Zone
District Jhapa District
 • Mayor Chandra Kumar Serma (NC)
 • Deputy Mayor Bhojkumari Nepal (NCP)
 • Total 90.2 km2 (34.8 sq mi)
Population (2011 Nepal census)
 • Total 39,689
 • Density 440/km2 (1,100/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)
Area code(s) +977-23
Website official website

Shivasatakshi is a municipality in the southeastern part of Jhapa District in the Mechi Zone of eastern Nepal. The new municipality was formed by merging two existing villages—Shivaganj and Satasidham—on 2 Dec 2014.[1][2] The office of the municipality is that of the former Satasidham village development committee (VDC).


At the time of the 2011 Nepal Census, Shivaganj and Satasidham had population of 13,518 and 26,171 people living in 9,102 individual households.[3] After the VDCs of Shivaganj and Satasidham were merged, it had a total population of 39,763 people living in 9,102 individual households.[citation needed]


Farmland for paddy production

People of Shivasatakshi Municipality engaged in different occupation. People living in the city areas generally do job in offices but agriculture is the main occupation of people living in village area. Most of the people are engaged in poultry farming, animal husbandry and farming.

Animal husbandry
Poultry farming in Shivasatakshi municipality

Landform and topography[edit]

Shivasatakshi municipality lies in the Terai region. There is plain land and evergreen forest. It lies in the middle part of Jhapa District. Due to its plain and fertile land it has high capability for agricultural production. Heavy rainfall occurs in this area during the summer season.

Facilities and development[edit]

There are several facilities in Shivasatakshi municipality such as drinking water, education, health services, transportation, etc. Schools like Oasis Academy, Pashupati Academy, Shree Jan Adarsh higher secondary school provide better education facilities. Mahendra Highway is the widely used highway of this area which helps in trade. There are many health centers and clinics which provide better health services.

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