Shivers (magazine)

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EditorJan Vincent-Rudzki (Deputy Group Editor)
Frequency8 issues a year
First issue1992
Final issue
- May 14, 2008
- 138
CompanyVisual Imagination
CountryUnited Kingdom
WebsiteOfficial site

Shivers was a UK-based magazine that began publication in 1992. It was dedicated to horror movies, television shows and literature.


The first 12 issues were edited by Alan Jones and the next 120 by David Miller. Issue #1 appeared in June 1992. After David Miller left the company, the final half-dozen contained no editor credit. The last issue (number 138) appeared in mid-2008. The magazine was produced by Visual Imagination and regular contributors included David J. Howe, Alan Jones, Ingrid Pitt, Jonathan Rigby, Kim Newman, Cleaver Patterson and Alex Wylie.

In 1997, an April Fools' prank was conducted on behalf of then-editor David Miller and The League of Gentlemen in which a news article was published in Shivers reporting on a fictional monster rally movie made by Val Lewton and "featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Men and Cat People."

The magazine's regular features for much of its run included a News section written by Jones, an item called The Pitt of Horror by Pitt, a book review section by Howe, an Opinion column by Newman and an end-of-magazine film analysis called The Fright of Your Life originated by Patterson and continued by Rigby.

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